Feeder Control connects directly to plant PLC.

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Integrating control and motor drive modules directly on feeder, K-Tron Control Module is available with integrated operator interface keypad display or as blind cover with status display. It can function as volumetric or gravimetric feeder controller, and supports all K-Tron feeders equipped with SFT II or SFT III load cells. Meeting IP 65/NEMA 4 standards, module is suited for hazardous areas and supports Modbus, Allen Bradley DF1, Device Net, Ethernet/IP, and Profibus DP protocols.

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K-Tron Introduces Next Generation of SmartConnex(TM) Feeder Controls

Pitman, NJ, USA (October 12, 2005)-- K-Tron is introducing the next generation of SmartConnex(TM) Feeder Controls, the K-Tron Control Module (KCM). The KCM controller harmonizes the full functionality of the two previous levels of controls into a single compact new housing, offering more flexibility and even better performance. In 1999, K-Tron first introduced SmartConnex(TM) feeder controls, combining the motor drive and feeder control functions in one box mounted at the feeder. The K-Tron Control Module (KCM) integrates the control and motor drive modules directly on the feeder, with an option for remote mounting for special industrial environments. The KCM is available with integrated operator interface keypad display or as a "blind" cover with status display. It can also be used with all three remote K-Tron operator interface choices: KSU II for one feeder at a time, KSL Line Control for up to eight feeders in one line and KSC Smart Commander, a PC based interface for up to 30 feeders in multiple process lines. The KCM can function as either a volumetric or gravimetric feeder controller and supports all K-Tron feeders that are equipped with SFT II or SFT III load cells. This includes volumetric feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, weigh belt feeders, Smart Flow Meters and PID applications. Units can be interfaced with DC motors, stepper motors, vibratory drives or AC motors. The KCM readily connects directly to virtually any plant PLC. Protocols currently available for the KCM include Modbus RTU, Modbus +, Modbus/TCP, Allen Bradley DF1, Device Net, Ethernet/IP and Profibus DP and the selected protocol is mounted inside the KCM. Communications settings as well as data register organization and machine control functions are configured using a windows based PC program. The KCM comes with standard "built-in" configuration files to allow for quick and easy feeder start up. The KCM incorporates screw speed modulation, a unique algorithm that can improve the short-term feeder accuracy on single screw feeders by up to a factor of two. Non-uniform feeding caused by normal pulsation from the screw is compensated for by varying the screw speed to eliminate pulsations. The KCM also includes built-in support for K-Tron PCS self-contained or single central receivers with HCU controls. The KCM meets IP 65/ NEMA 4 standards and is suitable for use in hazardous area zone ATEX 3D or NEC Class II Div II. It offers 100:1 speed turndown, except when used with AC motor drive. For more information, contact the K-Tron Process Group, Routes 55 and 553, Pitman, NJ 08071. Phone +1 856-589-0500. Fax +1 856-589-8113. In Europe, contact K-Tron Switzerland, Industrie Lenzhard, CH-5702, Niederlenz, Switzerland, Phone +41 62 885 71 71, Fax +41 62 885 71 80. Send e-mail to info@ktron.com, or visit K-Tron's Web site at www.ktron.com. Contact: Kathy Hunter - Tel +856 256 3061 (direct line); e-mail: khunter@ktron.com In Europe-Iris Fischer-Tel +41 62 885 7291 (direct line); email: ifischer@ktron.com

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