Federal-Mogul Develops Advanced High-Temperature Gasket Technology for Greener Vehicles

High temperature materials and coatings seal exhaust joints at 1000 degrees C and above

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - Federal-Mogul Corporation (Nasdaq: FDML) today announced it has developed a portfolio of advanced High Temperature Alloy (HTA) materials that help to ensure reliable long-term exhaust sealing, even on the most demanding powertrain applications with fluctuating high temperatures and dynamic mechanical loads. The HTA technology, already proven in the heavy-duty diesel sector, is now applicable to light-duty diesel and gasoline engines as vehicle manufacturers' strategies to reduce emissions pushes exhaust temperatures beyond 1000 degrees C.

"The dominant strategy in the vehicle industry is to generate more power from smaller engines using turbocharging or other technologies that create extremely high exhaust gas temperatures," said Gerard Chochoy, senior vice president, Powertrain Sealing and Bearings. "On some applications, we are fast approaching a point where today's multi-layer stainless steel (MLS) gaskets are being taken to the performance limits of their thermal and mechanical properties. New sealing systems are required, and Federal-Mogul has--with our new HTA gaskets and High Temperature Coating--an affordable, innovative, proven technical solution."

Turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) also present additional challenges by introducing more joint faces into the exhaust system. At these points, movement of the mating surfaces and flange distortion over the lifetime of the vehicle can be significant. "With more joint faces and temperature gradients, a conventional static gasket is ineffective," Chochoy added.

Federal-Mogul has overcome these challenges through its development of a family of HTA gasket materials. Even at higher temperatures, the microhardness, creep resistance and dynamic sealing of the HTA materials are superior to the industry standard "301 full hard" stainless steel, which loses mechanical strength beyond 427 degrees C and can crack or otherwise experience a loss of sealing ability. HTA gaskets are available with specifications matched to the individual thermal and mechanical requirements of a wide range of demanding applications, including turbochargers, downpipes, exhaust manifolds and EGR.

"Solving the challenge of developing suitable high temperature materials was ultimately only part of the story," said Chochoy. "The micro-sealing performance of an exhaust gasket is essential to ensure environmental and emissions regulations, accurate engine management data and correct the performance of adjacent engine components and systems. A leaking gasket, for example, can introduce air into the exhaust system, causing the engine management system to switch to a richer fuel charge, thereby reducing engine efficiency and fuel economy while increasing emissions. Federal-Mogul also has developed a unique High Temperature Coating (HTC) that can be applied to the gasket surface to seal the mating flanges and to reduce the effects of motion between them."

HTC is an environmentally-friendly, water-based product that eliminates the need for materials containing molybdenum disulphide. It contains a carefully designed triple binder system that provides both superior sealing performance and consistent friction properties over a wide temperature range. "HTC demonstrates thermal stability to over 1000 degrees C, while conventional molybdenum-based coatings are reduced to ash at such temperatures," said Jim Zwick, global director of product technology, gaskets and heat shields.

"We are confident that Federal-Mogul's HTA solution will play a major role in enabling the next generation of environmentally responsible engines," Chochoy added. "We have a substantial portfolio of products to support engine downsizing, including pistons and rings, bearing materials and now gaskets. Our HTA and HTC technologies provide a proven solution to an increasingly challenging problem for vehicle manufacturers."

Federal-Mogul's HTA gaskets are produced in Athens, Alabama; Skokie, Illinois; and Herdorf, Germany; and have been released for engine applications including light vehicles, marine and heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

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