FEA Software integrates with SolidWorks.

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NEiWorks(TM) v1.1 provides NEiNastran's analysis capabilities to SolidWorks users, and allows sharing of data across community of Nastran users. It delivers full results post processing, ability to handle assemblies, and non-linear contact analysis using assemblies. NEiWorks fits naturally into SolidWorks embedded product line, providing path from introductory FEA using COSMOSWORKS®, to more advanced Nastran analysis and data sharing capabilities of NEiWorks.

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Noran Engineering Advances Product Strategy for CAD Embedded Nastran FEA

NEiWorks(tm) v1.1 Release for SolidWorks(r) Marks Next Step on Groundbreaking Roadmap

January 20, 2005. Westminster, CA. Up to now, Nastran based finite element analysis has been engineering software lacking direct integration into any specific CAD product, and segregated in its use to isolated communities of high end analysts. The 2005 development roadmap of NEiWorks, a SolidWorks embedded Nastran finite element analysis (FEA) tool, is a groundbreaking product strategy that departs from that industry practice. NEiWorks will not only provide all of NEiNastran's comprehensive analysis capabilities to SolidWorks users, but will also allow sharing of this data across the full community of other Nastran users. This would include analysis products like NEiNastran(r), MSC.Nastran(r) and NX Nastran(r). SolidWorks users are the first CAD audience to have this embedded Nastran FEA path. NEiWorks was introduced in December 2004 and received recognition from NASA Tech Briefs magazine being named to its Product of the Year competition. Noran Engineering's release of v1.1 of NEiWorks is an important step in the product roadmap because it adds key features for the major markets of aerospace, automotive and maritime industries providing full results post processing, the ability to handle assemblies, and non-linear contact analysis using these assemblies. A 2 minute Camtasia at www.NENastran.com/neiworks demonstrates the product.

Companies with SolidWorks are adopting NEiWorks based on its promising ability to break down product development barriers between designers and analysts at their suppliers, customers, and even within their own organizations. By easily sharing Nastran FEA data among designers and analysts in these groups, SolidWorks users can leverage Nastran FEA's high end capabilities, reputation, and wide industry acceptance while retaining the ease-of-use, familiarity and investment they have in the SolidWorks environment. In addition, NEiWorks fits naturally into the SolidWorks embedded product line, giving a path from introductory FEA using COSMOSWORKS(r) to the more advanced Nastran analysis and data sharing capabilities of NEiWorks. SolidWorks users are the first CAD audience that will have this embedded path to the full Nastran FEA community. Nastran has a long history and extensive user community in aerospace, automotive and maritime industries.

About Noran Engineering, Inc.
Noran Engineering, Inc. (NEi), a leader in computer-aided engineering (CAE) software, provides a complete suite of analysis tools for structural, thermal, dynamic, fluid flow, fatigue, and optimization to the aerospace, automotive, maritime, military, medical, and consumer product industries. NEi backs its software with industry regarded technical support noted for responsiveness and depth of expertise. The core product, NEiNastran, runs on Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms in both stand-alone and networked configurations. NEi's new product, NEiWorks in SolidWorks, breaks new ground in engineering software, integrating Nastran with CAD and removing long standing barriers between designers and analysts.

Noran Engineering Inc. headquarters are in Westminster (CA) 1.714.899.1220, www.NENastran.com.

Dennis Sieminski, P.E.
Noran Engineering, Inc.
5555 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite 300
Westminster, CA 92683
Telephone: 714.899.1220 Ext. 207
Email: dennis.sieminski@noraneng.com
Website: www.NENastran.com

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