FCS Flexible Control System features IP54 rated black enclosure.

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Ideal for use in large, enclosed parking facilities, indoor recreation facilities and food processing plants, FCS Flexible Control System comes with full colour, LCD touch screen with LED indicators for power, status and fault. Designed with four internal 5-amps dry contact relays, two configurable switch inputs and two strobe/horn output drives, system is operated with 4-20 mA analog input and features top mounted strobe and locking door.

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CETCI Launches the FCS Flexible Control System, a High Performance Gas Detection Controller with Logic Control

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) is pleased to announce the release of our FCS Flexible Control System. The FCS replaces the PDC, offering dramatic technological and functional improvements over its predecessor.

The FCS Flexible Control System is a sophisticated, high performance Controller that offers up to 128 gas channel configurations for monitoring toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases with versatile control functionality for non-hazardous, non-explosion rated, commercial and light industrial applications. The FCS is designed to accept inputs from digital and analog transmitters and/or Peripheral Devices (in various combinations), using Modbus® RS-485 or 4-20 mA analog input. In addition, the FCS is available with Modbus® RS-485 output or BACnet® MS/TP output for communicating with a Building Automation System (BAS).

Standard features include, a full colour, LCD touch screen with LED indicators for Power, Status and Fault, a door mounted audible alarm, an extensive menu structure with password protection, a USB port for firmware upgrades and data downloads, four internal 5-amp, dry contact relays, two configurable switch inputs and two strobe/horn output drives. The built-in data logging capabilities have a large capacity memory for saving all channel readings, configuration changes and transition data. The FCS has a maximum of 32 priorities which can be configured to define the relationships between the channels and the relays, allowing up to. Up to three conditions can be assigned to each relay. Channels can be assigned to report their Low, Medium, High and/or Fault statuses which in turn can be configured to trigger one re more relays to act on one or more of those statuses and channels. The logic control and flexibility of the priority levels is immense, allowing numerous monitoring and alarming configurations.

Optional, value added features include, internal analog inputs (AI) and/or analog outputs (AO), a top mounted strobe and a locking door. The FCS, like our new suite of products, uses our signature black enclosure that is IP54 rated when the optional water tight buzzer is installed at time of order.

Depending on the type and size of the application, the FCS may require additional devices to create the complete system. For networks that extend over a large area there is the potential for data noise and a reduction in the signal. The LNK-XT Network Extender is a signal booster that extends the range of the Modbus communications. An LNK-XT is recommended every 610m (2000ft) and up to 6 of these devices can be used on one FCS network. For very large system application and/or very long wire runs, the Remote Power Supply is available to boost the voltage and provide a renewed amount of power to compensate for voltage drops. The RPS-24VDC converts 90-240 VAC power to 24 VDC power. If more than the four internal relays are needed, two remote devices are available - the RLY-4 which offers four contacts and the RLY-8 that offers eight. All relays are rated at 5 amps. A maximum of 56 relays can be accommodated by the FCS. In the event that the optional internal analog inputs and/or analog outputs are insufficient, there two peripheral devices, the LNK-AI and the LNK-AO available. The LNK-AI offers 4 analog inputs and the LNK-AO offers 4 analog outputs. Depending on the internal AI and AO configurations, up to a maximum of 14 LNK-AO and 14 LNK-AI devices can be connected to the FCS.

The FCS is ideal for use in large, enclosed parking facilities, indoor recreation facilities, food processing plants, refrigeration plants, chemical storage rooms, manufacturing plants and many more.

For more information on the FCS, please visit www.critical-environment.com/products/fcs.html

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) is a leading global supplier of gas detection systems, including self-contained systems, controllers and transmitters, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) portable instruments. With ongoing product development, CETCI’s instruments offer more features, greater functionality and superior value. CETCI products are sold through a network of authorized distributors around the world.

Applications include commercial, institutional, municipal, and light industrial markets worldwide. Areas of specialization include enclosed parking garages, refrigeration plants, commercial swimming pools, water purification, arenas, wineries/breweries, waste water treatment and many more. CETCI gas detectors are used to detect many different gases; some of the most common are Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Ammonia, Chlorine, Ozone, Refrigerants, Oxygen, Combustible Gases like Methane and Propane and more.

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