FC Expo Japan 2008 to Showcase DEK's Enhanced Fuel Cell Expertise

DEK's experts will be on hand to discuss its successful complete fuel cell process solution on its booth within the UK pavilion at FC Expo Japan. Invited to find out why DEK customers 'Expect More', visitors to the show in Japan will discover how the mass imaging leader is using a new state-of-the-art precision screen clean room facility to maximise productivity for today's commercial fuel cell applications.

Visitors to the FC Expo Japan will learn how DEK's complete fuel cell line leverages proven precision mass imaging techniques to deliver significant cost-per-kilowatt savings for PEM, Solid Oxide, Alkaline, and Direct Methanol fuel cell technologies.

DEK's fuel cell expertise has recently been enhanced by the introduction of a state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 (10,000) clean room facility at its UK site in Weymouth. Eliminating the risk of contamination during precision screen design and manufacture, the new facility maximises productivity for commercial fuel-cell applications. With this in place, DEK's proven high-speed, high-volume, low wastage screen printing process is an ideal solution to meet the fine print resolutions required for producing fuel cell elements such as ionomeric membranes, catalyst layers and backing layers.
"Our screen printing equipment and processes are the ideal solution for depositing polymer materials, dielectrics and metallization layers with thickness control to within just a few micron," explains Kuniharu Numazak, DEK Japans' Country & Regional Sales Manager . "This capability delivers clear cost-per-unit, quality, repeatability and scalability advantages for the commercial manufacture of fuel cell and solar cell components. FC Expo Japan will be an ideal showcase for our expertise in this field and I am looking forward to showing visitors from Japan why they can expect more from DEK in today's fuel cell industry."

DEK's fuel cell expertise is reinforced by its years of experience using mass imaging to deliver high accuracy, high repeatability and high yield at very fine resolutions for thick-film, surface mount and semiconductor assembly applications. Having pioneered advances in the field of screen printing since 1969, DEK's comprehensive product portfolio delivers a high level of support for a range of deposition processes.

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