Fax Server can replace up to 8 individual fax machines.

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Delivering faxes electronically to desktop, single networked FaxFinder® helps convert
paper workflow environment into unified communications digital environment. It is connected to PBX via standard analog port and to organization's LAN by built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet® interface. Unit recieves fax calls from PBX as DID (Direct-Inward-Dialing) numbers that indicate fax extensions for individuals, and then routes them to proper destination.

Original Press Release:

Business Benefits from Multi-Tech's 'Green' Fax Servers

o FaxFinder Saves Power, Paper and Toner while Providing Improved Security

Organizations can now become more eco-friendly by replacing up to eight
individual fax machines with a single networked FaxFinder® Fax Server from
Multi-Tech® Systems. In addition to delivering faxes electronically to the
desktop, the FaxFinder Fax Server reduces power consumption by consolidating
individual fax machine hardware plus saves paper and toner by converting a
paper workflow environment into a more unified communications digital
environment. Added security comes because faxes will not be sent to a
centralized location(s) and have to be hand delivered to the proper

"We all want to be environmentally conscientious in our business
decisions," states Bill Chesney, Vice President of Sales for Multi-Tech
Systems, Inc. "The FaxFinder is a product that is a good environmental
business decision because it can save electricity, toner and paper. We know
the dream of a 'paperless society' is gone. Computers have given us even more
paperwork, but a FaxFinder can put a dent into how much paper we consume."

In saved paper alone, the ROI for a FaxFinder can be under a year.
Research shows that a busy fax machine can use on average between 500 and
3000 pages a day depending on the size of the organization. Taking the low
average of a ream of paper, that's up to US$3.00 per day saving when using a
paperless FaxFinder. At that rate, the ROI on an MSRP of US$699.00 single
port FaxFinder in paper savings alone will be under one year. Add to that the
electrical power and toner costs plus additional security, because no one
sees the fax except the intended person, and the FaxFinder becomes a purchase
that can help increase the bottom line while also helping keep our
environment a little bit cleaner.

The Multi-Tech FaxFinder, (in one to eight port models) is connected to a
PBX via a standard analog port(s) and to an organization's Local Area Network
(LAN) by a built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet® interface. DID (Direct-Inward-
Dialing) numbers from the telephone company indicate fax extensions for
individuals. Fax calls come in as DID numbers, which the PBX sends to the
FaxFinder, that routes them to the proper destination.

Multi-Tech Systems, a leading data communications and telecommunications
technology company based in suburban Minneapolis, is an ISO 9001:2000
certified global manufacturer of Unified Communications products connecting
voice and data over IP networks. It is certified by the WBENC as a Women's
Business enterprise. Multi-Tech Systems has 75 U.S. patents and numerous
international patents.

Contact Multi-Tech in the U.S. at +1-800-328-9717 or
+1-763-785-3500, via fax at +1-763-785-9874, EMEA at T: +44-118-959-7774
(UK) or T: +33-1-49-19-22-06 (France) or via fax at F: +44-118-959-7775
(UK) or F: +33-1-49-19-21-00 (France) or at www.multitech.com.

Source: Multi-Tech Systems

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