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Fault Tree Analysis Software eliminates product defects.

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Jan 09, 2008 - Suited for preventing mistakes in aerospace, petrochemical, and defense industries, FTA-Pro v2.0 can analyze previous mechanical and process failures. It includes system analysis, event failure predicting, and risk assessment modules, and uses Binary Decision Diagram, Monte Carlo, and Esary Proschan Markov calculation methods. Featuring intuitive GUI with point-and-click gates and all-in-one-screen virtual workspaces, software can run on variety of enterprise platforms.

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Dyadem Software Brings New Functionality and Ease of Use to Fault Tree Analysis

Press release date: Dec 20, 2007

FTA-Pro 2.0 is ideally suited for preventing mistakes in aerospace, petrochemical and defense industries

TORONTO, Dec. 20 - Dyadem, the leader in Quality Lifecycle Management and Risk Lifecycle Management solutions, today bolstered its software portfolio by announcing FTA-Pro 2.0, the latest version of the company's Fault Tree Analysis Software. FTA-Pro allows companies to comply with safety and reliability requirements and eliminate product defects. Designed for enterprise risk management strategies that leave zero margin for error, FTA-Pro eliminates product recalls and manufacturing errors, and reduces the overall time spent on production and risk analysis.

Dyadem's FTA-Pro software is used in a wide variety of global industries, including aerospace, defense, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and defense, and is scalable to comply with most applicable industrial regulations. FTA-Pro is designed to prevent costly errors before they occur, but can also analyze previous mechanical and process failures so users can fully understand their root causes.

Fault Tree Analysis methodology focuses on increasing overall product reliability. It is a "top-down" approach that begins by categorizing potential undesirable events, such as chemical leaks or mechanical failures, and then identifies all possible scenarios that can lead to their occurrence. FTAs are an invaluable tool for industries where even one small design or manufacturing failure can cause catastrophic results. Dyadem's FTA-Pro reduces the time and overall cost needed to complete through FTA analysis, and provides assurance that the data produced is accurate and actionable.

"For growing enterprises that base their reputations on quality, performing Fault Tree Analysis is essential," said Kevin North, President and CEO, Dyadem International. "Our solution is so easy to use that you can start creating fault-trees within minutes. Companies can effectively evaluate and mitigate risks by predicting an unwanted event from occurring or reoccurring."

FTA-Pro also seamlessly integrates with other Dyadem software, including FMEA-Pro. FTA-Pro 2.0 can also import data from existing FTA software, reducing installation time and ensuring error-free data transfer from legacy systems.

FTA-Pro's system analysis, event failure predicting, and risk assessment modules use advanced calculation and validation methods to deliver comprehensive data to users. FTA-Pro delivers best-in-industry analysis by using three independent calculation methods - Binary Decision Diagram, Monte Carlo and Esary Proschan Markov - so results can be verified at least three times on the same fault-tree.

The software also boasts an intuitive GUI with point-and-click gates and all-in-one-screen virtual workspaces, significantly shortening employee learning-curves, and allowing users without advanced mathematics degrees to begin creating fault trees in minutes. FTA-Pro 2.0 can run on a variety of enterprise platforms, including Citrix, Novell, Windows 2000, NT, 2003, XP and Vista.

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