Fault-Detection System spots engineering problems in fans.

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SKF® Copperhead for Industrial Fans spots emerging bearing-related problems to help prevent premature failures and unplanned downtime. Users can monitor fan vibration and temperature on continuous or periodic basis. Problems detected include fan unbalance, mechanical looseness, bearing misalignment, and inadequate lubrication. System includes Copperhead sensor, which combines vibration accelerometer and temperature-monitoring capabilities, and MCM module.

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New SKF® Copperhead Fault-Detection System Spots Emerging Problems in Industrial Fans, Helps Prevent Costly Shutdowns

solution covers fans in cement, mineral processing, steel, glass, metal refining, pharmaceutical, auto and other industries

KULPSVILLE, Pa.-A new cost-effective fault-detection system that can spot emerging bearing-related problems in industrial fans and help prevent premature failures and unplanned downtime is now available from SKF. The system, called SKF® Copperhead for Industrial Fans, enables users to monitor fan vibration and temperature on a continuous or periodic basis. Major applications include process fans employed in the cement, mineral processing, steel, metal refining, glass, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

SKF Copperhead provides early warning of many common fan problems, including fan unbalance caused by the buildup of debris on fan impellers, and mechanical looseness due to improper securing of machine components or other factors. The system also detects bearing misalignment, inadequate lubrication and other problems that can lead to premature bearing failure.

"Industrial fans play a critical role in many processes, and fan failures can prove costly," says Dan Korona, SKF marketing manager for fan applications. "SKF Copperhead can help prevent shutdowns by detecting problems at an early stage. That allows fan users to initiate repairs well before failure occurs."

Copperhead Components
SKF Copperhead integrates smoothly into existing plant automation. The heart of the fault-detection system is the Copperhead sensor, which combines vibration accelerometer and temperature-monitoring capabilities in a single unit. Copperhead sensors are permanently mounted to bearing or motor housings and attached via cable to a component called the MCM module. The MCM continuously monitors fan vibration and evaluates machine frequencies using SKF's unique acceleration enveloping technique. A continuous signal for "enveloped" vibration and temperature can be transmitted to plant automation. The MCM also has internal alarm and relay contacts for standalone operation.

SKF Copperhead can also operate in periodic mode. Here, vibration and temperature readings can be taken periodically from the permanently mounted Copperhead sensors by a portable monitoring device such as the SKF Microlog (or the equivalent). Plant workers then evaluate the operating condition of the fan. Data can be stored on a PC and trended over time.

SKF Copperhead is available in complete, pre-engineered packages. It can also be customized to meet specific application requirements. For example, Copperhead systems can be equipped with digital temperature and vibration displays.

Total Shaft Solution
SKF Copperhead is part of a comprehensive set of SKF solutions for industrial fans. These solutions include a wide range of bearing products specifically designed for fan applications, including SKF ConCentra Air Handling Units, SKF Explorer Spherical Roller Bearings, single-row deep groove ball bearings, and preassembled two-bearing housings. SKF can also provide services to evaluate troublesome fan applications, conduct root-cause analysis using advanced engineering software tools, and offer recommendations to fan users.

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