Farm-Grade WiFi System brings Internet to open spaces.

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Ayrstone AyrMesh(TM) enables homesteaders to access broadband or high-speed Internet connection from anywhere on their property. Built to spread Internet connection radius over section of land or more, platform provides wireless range from ½-2 miles. AyrMesh Hub automatically configures itself as gateway hub when attached to Internet connection. Within ½ mile WiFi range, additional AyrMesh Hub wirelessly links to WiFi network as remote hub to supply additional ¼ mile of access.

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New Wi-Fi System Built for Wide-Open Spaces

Ayrstone AyrMesh(TM) System Releases Free-Range Internet Minneapolis -- The Internet connection at the home computer no longer tethers country dwellers to the house. With the Ayrstone AyrMesh(TM) Wi-Fi system, homesteaders access a broadband or high-speed Internet connection from anywhere on a property. Ayrstone Productivity LLC today announces the introduction of the Ayrstone AyrMesh farm grade Wi-Fi system, built to spread an Internet connection radius covering a section of land or more. Operating similar to popular urban Wi-Fi hotspots such as the corner coffee shop, the Ayrstone AyrMesh system provides a wireless range many times more powerful than standard Wi-Fi - from a half-mile and up to 2 miles - to reach a barn, machine shed, building, pasture or field. "The Ayrstone AyrMesh system provides an Internet connection so rural dwellers can access the Internet without a trip back to the house," explains Bill Moffitt, founder and president of Ayrstone Productivity LLC. For instance, Wi-Fi capability allows a livestock farmer to input data about his cattle with a laptop at the corral; connects a farmer working a field to a website listing commodity prices; provides email access to contact the local machinery dealership from the machine shed; or supplies Internet connections for multiple computers, smartphones, and Internet-capable devices like an iPod Touch or iPad. The AyrMesh Hub performs interchangeably: it automatically configures as a Gateway Hub when attached to an Internet connection. Within the half-mile Wi-Fi range an additional AyrMesh Hub wirelessly links to the Wi-Fi network as a Remote Hub, adding a quarter-mile of Wi-Fi access. Standard electrical outlets power the weather-resistant AyrMesh Hub. About the size and weight of a small transistor radio, the Hubs install inside or outside with screws or plastic ties. Purchase the AyrMesh farm grade Wi-Fi system at "The system is as easy to set up as plugging an ethernet cable into a router and logging on to the AyrMesh network," comments Moffitt. Using state-of-the art encryption and security keeps unwanted users off the network. The owner holds full control of the network anytime from the Internet through access to the AyrMesh portal: The AyrMesh portal provides the added convenience of viewing network status from a single computer screen or mobile phone. The Ayrstone AyrMesh Wi-Fi system is first in a line of rural- and farm-focused products from Ayrstone Productivity LLC, based out of Minneapolis, MN. Currently Ayrstone Productivity LLC is developing software and equipment to provide monitoring capability on rural homesteads and allow data gathering via Wi-Fi in agricultural fields. Find Ayrstone Productivity LLC on the Internet at

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