Fans feature WhisperFoil(TM) airfoil blades.

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Suited for warehouse and production facilities, Airvolution(TM) industrial High Volume, Low Speed(TM) (HVLS(TM)) fans utilize hollow WhisperFoil(TM) airfoil blades made from anodized extruded aluminum. Weighing 225-265 lb depending on size, fans use 1.0 hp motor and offer average air speeds of 3-7 mph.

Original Press Release:

MacroAir Technologies Announces New WhisperFoil(TM) HVLS Fans

July 17, 2003 - MacroAir Technologies LLC (MacroAir) has recently announced its new line of Airvolution(TM) industrial High Volume, Low Speed(TM) (HVLS(TM)) fans with WhisperFoil(TM) airfoil blades.

The Airvolution fan is the ideal solution for the cooling and ventilation of large open environments. It is designed for maximum performance and energy efficiency in large areas, such as warehouses and distribution centers, manufacturing and production facilities, automotive and "big box" retail centers, sports arenas and gymnasiums, aircraft maintenance centers and hangars, and convention centers. The WhisperFoil blade design is extremely efficient, quiet, and produces minimal air disruption directly below the fan, making it ideal for most industrial applications.

The key to the Airvolution's efficiency lies in its blades, which are in the shape of an airfoil, which is essentially like a plane wing, long and narrow with a high aspect ratio. The WhisperFoil is also hollow, which makes it relatively lightweight with fan weights ranging from 225-265 pounds depending on size. The blades are made from anodized extruded aluminum for long life and easy maintenance. Each fan uses a 1.0 horsepower motor and provides an average air speed of 3-7 mph.

The WhisperFoil fan was developed by Walter Boyd, the inventor of HVLS technology and co-founder of MacroAir Technologies. MacroAir, owned by Walter Boyd and his son, Eddie, markets, sells, distributes, and provides customer service for HVLS fans for the original designer and manufacturer of HVLS fans, Mechanization Systems Co. Inc., which is also owned and operated by the Boyds.

MacroAir also makes the MaxAir(TM) HVLS Fan with performance Wickerbill(TM) blades for agricultural applications in which increased airflow is desirable. MacroAir Technologies is committed to responding to customer needs and offers a lifetime warranty on its hubs and blades.

About MacroAir Technologies, LLC

MacroAir Technologies is headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut. Walter Boyd, the inventor of High Volume. Low Speed (HVLS(TM)) technology fans, and his son, Eddie Boyd, founded MacroAir to provide marketing, sales, and distribution of their HVLS(TM) Fans. The fans come with two types of anodized aluminum airfoil blades, the standard WhisperFoil(TM) used mostly in industrial applications for a more gentle, less disruptive airflow and the Wickerbill(TM), which provides greater air velocity that is typically required in agricultural applications and where smaller blade lengths are dictated due to space limitations. Both incorporate design characteristics developed at NASA. The HVLS fans are the ideal solution for moving massive volumes of air in large facilities. They offer substantial cooling, heating, and ventilation benefits not available in other HVAC or high-speed fan systems. Unlike small fans that impact only the area directly in front of them with disruptive air flows, HVLS fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone. MacroAir HVLS fans are designed to provide cost-effective environmental control in agriculture, warehouse and distribution centers, manufacturing and production facilities, automotive and "big box" retail centers, sports arenas and gymnasiums, aircraft maintenance centers and hangars, convention centers, auditoriums and any large building where better ventilation will lead to greater comfort and productivity and reduced energy costs. Made in the U.S., MacroAir products offer a lifetime warranty on their blades and hubs and a two year warranty on all other components.

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