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Fanless CoM brings mobile Internet technology to embedded market.

Press Release Summary:

Mar 28, 2013 - Combining Allwinner Technology A10-Series SoC chip with RAM, Flash memory, Ethernet Phyceiver, and power management on PCB, A10 Computer On Module (CoM) accelerates industrial design and development and provides ability to upgrade to future technologies. Intelligent power management system selects allocated power safely and transparently among various supply power options and application loads. RTC with built-in battery backup makes unit suited for real-time time control applications.

BDD Group, LLC - Pleasant Hill, IA

Original Press Release

New Allwinner A Series ARM Computer on Modules

Press release date: Mar 20, 2013

CoMs bring the latest in low power mobile computing and applies this to rapid industrial design and development.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- BDD Group of Des Moines Iowa announced the new line of Computer On Modules based on Allwinner Technologies' A series ARM processors. The modules are designed for rapid product design and development bringing current mobile internet technology to the industrial embedded market. Using Linux's and Android's open-source platforms products can easily incorporate the latest features normally reserved for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

The A10 Computer-on-Module, the first to be released, combines Allwinner Technology's A10-Series SoC chip with RAM, Flash Memory, Ethernet Phyceiver and power management on to a business card sized PCB.  The module allows rapid industrial design and development with the ability to easily upgrade to future technologies.

The A10 CoM has flexible built-in intelligent power management system that selects allocated power safely and transparently among various supply power options and application loads. The fan less low power footprint is key to decreasing energy costs and meeting the challenges of future energy concerns while the RTC with built in battery backup makes it ideal for real-time time control applications. The A10 CoM will be available for purchase at the end of the first quarter 2013.

A Series CoM Roadmap

The single core A10 CoM will soon be followed by the dual core A20 and the Quad core A31, coupled with a wide range of standard interfaces, energy efficiency and aggressive pricing, the A series CoMs are a superior choice for any new or legacy commercial application.


The modules, design and development tools along with a number of pre-designed carrier boards will be available to anyone interested in developing products based on the next wave of mobile internet technologies.

About Allwinner Technology

Allwinner Technology is a leading fabless design house dedicated to smart application processor SoC and smart analog IC, and its product line ranges from multi-core application processors for smart devices to smart PMIC. With its cutting edge Ultra High-Definition video CODEC, high-performance multi-core CPU/GPU integration, and ultra-low power consumption, Allwinner Technology currently now serves as a mainstream solution provider in the global tablet, UHD Android box, mobile internet devices (MIDs), as well as smart power management IC.  Allwinner Technology is headquartered in Zhuhai, China.

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About BDD Group

BDD Group, LLC (BDD) is a tech startup currently based in Iowa with branch offices in Waterloo, ON, Canada, and Shenzhen, China. BDD uses energy efficient, low cost ARM architecture as the base for its Rapid Embedded Design and Development systems (REDD). REDD is a combined hardware and software solution used in house by BDD that will be available for general use during Q2 2013.

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