Fagor Automation To Unveil All New Innovative CNC 8065 At IMTS 2010

Fagor Automation Corporation, a world-wide leading manufacturer of CNC, DRO & Feedback systems, now introduces the all new CNC 8065

Designed as an innovative first, the CNC 8065 takes the most advanced CNC technology available in the world and makes it simple to use. By combining the operating system aspects of the extremely operator friendly 8055 series CNC with the Power and Technology of the CNC 8070, the 8065 was born.

The purpose of Fagor Automation is to merge into a single CNC, the versatility and ease of the 8055 CNC with the power of the 8070; the result is the new 8065 CNC which represents the ideal synthesis between those two.

The Industrial hardened PC Based Windows XP ® 8065 CNC Utilizes a simple to program Icon Key based conversational programming system made popular with the highly successful 8055 CNC System. This method utilizes a variety of "ICON Keys" that are symbols of the operation to be performed. The customer simply chooses the operation via the appropriate ICON key and then fills in the blank directly off the blueprint on a single graphic assist screen.

The 8065 CNC also has the capability of traditional ISO G-code programming, thus enhancing the versatility of the CNC to match the Operators experience and skill-level.

The ability for the operator to choose their method of programming enhances the very valuable benefit in that you now have a Machine that is not only ideal at complex large run production parts, but also perfect for quick set-up small lot production.

All 8065's have the capability of Ethernet communication and are equipped as standard with a USB port, thus making the integration of the CNC into the customers network easy, as well as for allowing quick and easy transfer of programs. Each 8065 is offered with a 10" or 15" high resolution LCD TFT Color Monitor and can also easily be configured for Touch Screen Operation.

As stated by Todd Drane, Marketing Mgr "The 8065 CNC is a break through for customers who require the high performance of a true 5 axes CNC, yet has an intuitive easy to use operating system that is adaptable to any operator/programmer level of experience." Todd adds " There is a direct correlation between Technology and actual Performance....yet most customers are unable to get the two together, the 8065 solves this problem and allows your staff to bridge the gap between the two...... or better put, the Fagor 8065 CNC is where Performance meets Technology...."

Fagor Automation will also be announcing the all new Exposed Open Linear Encoders. Designed specifically for applications requiring great accuracy at extremely high speeds, these new linear encoders can maintain rated accuracy at speeds in excess of 18,000 inches per minute. Typical applications are inspection & metrology machines, circuit board market, high speed linear motors, semi-conductor market and even the high speed precision machine tool market.

The Exposed linear encoder line are designated as the EX series and are available with both a 1 vpp or TTL signal with selectable reference point locations for maximum flexibility. Lengths available range from 70 mm all the way up to 30,040 mm.

Fagor will also be displaying the all New Innova 40i P & 40i TS Digital Readout Systems at IMTS 2010.

The Innova 40i P is based upon the True Vision TFT Color screen platform and is expanded to 4 axes capability including rotary axes. In addition, the unit offers Program Memory storage as standard and comes equipped with machine I/O capability. The 40i TS also allows control of up to 4 axes, plus provides the capability of complete Lathe Spindle control, including Constant Surface Speed mode on our TFT Color screen platform.

(Fagor all new 40i TS TFT LCD Digital Readout System for enhanced Spindle control)

With the exclusive TFT LCD Color Screen, it is possible to execute Solid 3D program simulations right at the Digital Readout. In addition, standard features include a host of cycles such as a Pocket cycle, Bolt-hole cycle, Linear hole & Matrix cycles. Additional productivity features include part centering, Plane & Angle operator selection, 20 offsets and tool radius compensation, plus much more.

Standard features of the 40i Turning system include Turning & Taper cycles that utilize a graphical interface with conversational type data entry for extreme simplicity & programming ease. In addition, the 40i T now allows for the capability of Threading. Additional productivity features include 15 tool offsets, diameter/radius programming & even axes coupling plus additional standard features such as fine/course resolution selection, inch/metric programming, absolute/incremental selection & tool nose radius compensation.

The Innova 40i series of Digital Readouts can be customized by parameter for Milling, Boring, Turning, Grinding or General Purpose applications. Intuitive graphic help screens are utilized for each application to ensure easy operation.

Fagor is also exhibiting our full line of Linear & Rotary encoder feedback systems, including a host of new products including absolute rotary encoders as part of our FXM motor series and dual track high resolution encoders, as well as a broad variety of Absolute Linear Encoders to meet all customer application needs. Also on display will be the expanded AC Brushless Servo & Spindle systems including the all-new FM9 series Spindle motors with expanded Power capability of 100 + HP.

Fagor Automation is a world wide Manufacturer of CNC Systems, Servo Motors & Drives, Feedback Systems, DRO Systems & Motion Control Systems and can be reached with any inquiries at the below contact information.

See us at Booth # E-5136

US Head office: Chicago 800-423-2467
West Coast office: 714-957-9885
Midwest Office: 607-372-8133
East Coast office: 973-773-3525
Texas office: 281-463-3915
Southeast office: 813-654-4599
Canada office: 905-670-7448

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