Factory Automation Components are suited for part detection.

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Comprising compact fittings with movable operators and internal targets that trigger user-supplied sensor, ShortSTOP™ components convert standard shielded-style inductive proximity sensor into mechanical switch. Features solve sensing requirements by providing reliable input signals to PLC, APC, or PC-based control systems. There are 40+ configurations of spring-loaded, flat, and round plungers as well as short and longer needle-shaped probes to aid orientation and positioning.

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ShortSTOP(TM) Takes to FA Playing Field

Frankfort, New York -- New factory automation components take the field to detect and signal motion using standard inductive proximity sensors. Today, SoftNoze USA Inc introduces the ShortSTOP™ line of components. They are compact fittings with movable operators and internal targets that trigger a user-supplied sensor.

ShortSTOP™ Components represent the most recent addition to SoftNoze's Proxtrol™ product line. Each ShortSTOP™, as all Proxtrol™ devices, converts a standard shielded-style inductive proximity sensor into mechanical switch. Once combined with a sensor and installed, ShortSTOP's operator gets physically triggered and the internal target activates the sensor, thus developing a control output. Moving linkages, metal, plastic and composite product parts and or features are easily detected. The features of ShortSTOP™ components solve sensing requirements to provide reliable input signals to PLC, APC or PC-based control systems. ShortSTOP™ brings a much greater array of flexibility over using non-contact sensors alone.

As explained by Brett Truett, Chief Engineer for SoftNoze, “Machine Designers routinely specify inductive sensors for non-contact sensing, however there are numerous occasions where physical contact is desired or it’s an absolutely requirement.” And Truett added, “...the new ShortSTOP™ components are ideal for part detection. For example a needle shaped probe model can detect if an O-ring is installed properly before an assembly moves onto another station. Doing this with a non-contact sensor in confirmed spaces is difficult so ShortSTOP™ becomes very useful to machine technicians and design engineers.”

“Over 40 configurations of spring-loaded, flat and round plungers, short and longer needle-shaped probes help orientation and positioning. ShortSTOP™ expands the basic functionality of M8x1 and M12x1 sensors, so solving a multitude of applications is easier”, this according to George Zachary, Senior Product Engineer at SoftNoze. “We've also designed our products to be highly configurable; thus designers can purchase ‘off the shelf’ solutions to solve their applications.”

ShortSTOP™ housing are 303/304 SS and can be ordered with optional plungers included Delrin (Acetal) plastic. Female and male threaded plungers allow further end user customizations, thus making ShortSTOP versatility near limitless. Custom pins and plungers are quickly quoted. List prices for ShortSTOP™ models, quantity 1, begin at $40USD.

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