FaceKey's Bills Its Automation of the Payroll Process

Businesses are always striving to find an "edge" or competitive advantage. No matter which industry one is in, it is ultra competitive. This article will cover a select problem facing business today. The "economic crisis" of the past two years has caused countless businesses to close stores, reduce staff, or shut their doors all together. Companies large and small have tightened their belts. Typically, this tightening has meant reducing the workforce, adding stress and strain to an already overworked workforce. And, if these cuts do not stop the bloodletting, one asks what now?

Companies know they must operate smarter and more efficiently and are looking to technology as a tool. But how does management sort out which technologies are best for their business? Where do they spend precious funds and who can they trust? A starting point could be the area most affected by this economic downturn, the labor force.

In this economy, each business must review every intricate detail of their labor costs from deciding how many employees are required, to the way employees record their work time. If employees fill out time sheets, swipe a card, or a punch in at an unsupervised computer terminal, there is a huge potential for waste and fraud. Management can no longer afford this waste. Systems like FaceKey's fingerprint based EntryGuard Time and Attendance system allows companies to prevent this costly time waste through an evolving technological field: biometrics.

FaceKey's Time and Attendance system performs at a level not previously available in time clocks. The system is more accurate, efficient and truly state of the art and will create a level playing field for both employees and employer. The technology, software, flexibility, and scalability have permitted FaceKey to set itself apart from the competition.

FaceKey's Time and Attendance system offers managers a cost effective way to automate the payroll process and control a company's labor cost, typically its largest cost. The system eliminates buddy punching and the inaccuracies of time sheets. Another positive effect is the decrease in the admin time taken to process payroll. For example, if the payroll system is manual, all calculations and extensions will require considerable time to review which can take hours and maybe even days if the work force is large. With the FaceKey EntryGuard(TM) Time and Attendance system, this entire process becomes automated. The "work time" can be exported to either a payroll company or exported to your payroll writing software, completing the last step in the automation of the payroll process.

The savings in a system like this can be rather jaw dropping. Typically "work time" hours will drop and payroll processing time will be greatly reduced from hours to minutes or days to hours. Eliminating waste can significantly increase a company's profits and making them more competitive, as well as provide a workplace that is fair to all of its workers because it does not tolerate fraud and protects the honest employees from being pressured to participate.

Looking ahead, a company to compete must separate itself by becoming a leaner and more efficient business. Technology and solutions are available. FaceKey views itself as part of their customer's team and understands that a business needs to be fully functioning all of the time. The goal is to understand and assist our customers to solve their issues so they will get the maximum benefit of the money spent and the technology deployed.

About FaceKey Corporation: FACEKEY CORPORATION, based in San Antonio, TX manufactures biometric based products which are accurate and cost effective to assist customers to reduce costs, provide a safe workplace and guard their assets. See www.facekey.com for additional information or call 210-826-8811.

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