Face/End Mills generate 90° square shoulder.

Press Release Summary:

ValMILL(TM) V590 Cutters accommodate ramping and helical interpolation. They eliminate secondary machining operations that are required when producing 90° square shoulders. Nine square shoulder, coolant-thru end mills and 7 face mills are available. Machining speeds of 12,200-40,000 rpms can be obtained depending on tool size. End mills range in diameter from 0.625-1.500 in. with 2-5 inserts. Face mills can have 5-16 inserts depending on diameter range of 1.50-6.00 in.

Original Press Release:

Valenite Introduces New Valmill(TM) V590 Series of Square Shoulder Face Mills and End Mills that Generate a True 90-Degree Square Shoulder

New milling cutters are designed to accommodate ramping and helical interpolation.

Manufacturers continue to look to improve milling accuracy and productivity, particularly in applications where high machining speeds and deep pockets with square shoulders are required. Valenite recently introduced a new milling series, called ValMILL(TM) V590, that is eliminating many of the secondary machining operations that are typically required when producing a true 90-degree square shoulder.

The new ValMILL series is available in nine different square shoulder coolant-thru end mill and seven different face mill designs. Machining speeds of from 12,200 to 40,000 rpms can be obtained depending on tool size. The end mills range in diameter from 0.625 to 1.500-inches with two to five inserts depending on diameter and the insert size. The face mills can have five to sixteen inserts depending on the diameter range of 1.50 to 6.00-inches.

The V590 milling cutters use standard Valenite AP10 or AP13 positive rake top-form geometry inserts that provide the benefits of lower cutting forces at higher feed rates. The AP10 is the smaller insert design; available in six different configurations with unique top form geometry that provides quiet, free-cutting action. The AP13 is a larger insert, available in fourteen different sizes with similar top form geometry. Four different coated and uncoated carbide grades are available. These include: Valenite VP5020, a versatile micro grain milling grade with a multi-layer PVD TiAlN/TiN; Valenite VP5040, a rough milling grade with multi-layer PVD TiAlN/TiN combined with a tough substrate; Valenite VP5135 coating, a high
cobalt milling grade with maximum toughness and a MTCVD TiN/Al2O3/TiCN coating; Valenite VPUK20, an uncoated grade for finishing, semi-finishing and general milling of cast irons, high temperature alloys, aluminum and non-ferrous materials.

Valenite, headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan with sales and service operations worldwide, is one of the largest suppliers of industrial cutting tools in the world. The company
offers a complete line of standard and special indexable-insert turning, milling, grooving, threading, boring and drilling products to a variety of industries. Its product line also includes the VALCOOL® line of cutting fluids. In addition, special high-production tooling for custom machining systems is produced under the MODCO® name and a full range of inline, process and bench gaging systems is produced under the GAGING Systems name.

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