Fabtech 2009 Show Releases from J&S Machine

J&S Machine & YLM introduces the new ALL-ELECTRIC CNC-38MS-R-AE rotary bender. The bender features multiple stack tooling capabilities coupled with a fast 180 degree/sec bending head. Feeding speeds up to 50"/sec and rotation speeds to 360 degrees/sec creates a fast dependable bending machine for multiple applications. The advance New Motion bending software allows for sequence programming of every movement and fast efficient repeatable setup parameters for a quick changeover.

J&S Machine & YLM introduces the CNC-16S2-PMR production system. The machine pulls material from a coil, straightens, end-forms, bends, and cuts to create a completed part in a single process with a capacity of 5/8" tube with two levels of tooling. Powered by an advanced software package, the machine is fast to program, accurate in part production, and takes up a small amount of floor space.

J&S Machine & YLM will be displaying the FM63-A2 I/O tube end-former/sizer at the 2009 Fabtech show. The machine is suitable for the end forming of various metal tubes of different materials to different shapes primarily for reduction or expansion of tubes after bending. Manual and automatic modes of operations working with a tube range of 1" to 2.5" with reductions and expansions performed simultaneously to facilitate high accuracy and precision results are highlighted features.

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