Fabric Dome Cover Reduces Heat Stress for Calves

Calf comfort is a critical issue during extremely hot weather conditions. Field tests utilizing a fitted polyethylene cover attached to domed calf hutches have shown to reduce the temperature inside by up to 20%. Substantial differences were also observed when the hutch was raised for increased air flow underneath. This can make the difference between a comfortable calf and one suffering from heat stress.

The fabric, a heavy duty rip-stop polyethylene material which is sewn in the shape of the hutch for a custom fit is easily installed. The material has reflective properties and keeps excessive heat from penetrating. When used during the hottest months the cover which has UV protection can last for years. Grommets in the bottom hem allow it to be attached with screws, weights or rubber straps.

It is manufactured by Genesis Enterprises LLC of Allen Nebraska a manufacturer of tents and fabric structures for a variety of commercial applications. They have also designed a universal winter cover which is easily installed over the door of the calf hutch and prevents snow and moisture from accumulating inside.

The cover is being offered at an introductory price of $65 and is available from the company.

Kevin Connot
Genesis Enterprises LLC
105 E. 2nd St.
Allen NE 68710
402 635-2591

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