FAA Renews ARINC's Contract for VERN-Extended-Range VHF Network in Gulf

June 11, 2007 Annapolis, Maryland, USA, June 11, 2007-The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has awarded a 3-year contract to ARINC Incorporated to continue providing the FAA with the VHF Extended Range Network (VERN) which supports Air Traffic Control communications in the Gulf of Mexico.

The VERN network includes two air/ground stations located on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and one at Key West, Florida. In combination with the FAA's own coastal radio facilities, VERN coverage enables the Houston Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) to communicate with aircraft so that appropriate separation can be maintained over the Gulf of Mexico.

The extended range and coverage of VERN ground stations is based on two factors- the unique radio wave signal propagation phenomena present in the Gulf of Mexico, known as ducting, and ARINC's unique radio system design. VERN makes use of a special extended range VHF propagation technique originally engineered and developed by ARINC. The VERN system has been proven to provide extended range VHF Voice communications at distances of over 400 nautical miles, at an altitude of 18,000 feet.

ARINC has operated the VERN air-ground stations and network infrastructure continuously since deploying them in 1998. ARINC's new contract was awarded April 1,
2007 and will continue through March 31, 2010, if all options are exercised.

ARINC has also designed and operated other VHF radio systems using VHF extended range propagation for more than 15 years. The ARINC Air/Ground International VHF Voice service uses a similar system to provide Airline Operational Control communications and Air Traffic Control message relay to aircraft in the Gulf of Mexico.

VERN supports an FAA initiative to provide a comprehensive communication service throughout the Gulf of Mexico. It directly addresses issues such as traffic growth in the eastern sector of the Houston Flight Information Region and recently reduced separation standards. ARINC continues to work with the FAA to improve communications in oceanic regions.

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