F3 Analytics Platform Expands Coverage to Enable Inflation and Volatility Trading Strategies

VANCOUVER, British Columbia and DUBLIN - Currently, financial markets participants are facing two key issues: a high degree of foreign exchange market volatility and a potential growing inflationary threat resulting from quantitative easing. Finance professionals need to structure deals in order to mitigate the risk of rising costs and market shifts and in many instances look to take advantage of the opportunities created by these fluctuations. In order to enable these hedging and speculative strategies F3's analytics coverage has been expanded to include both inflation swaps and variance swaps for their clients.

Last year, FINCAD launched its award winning, enterprise financial analytics platform F3. The F3 technology uses a model-free architecture that provides traders, quantitative analysts, and support with the flexibility to structure, price, and value virtually any deal allowing them to respond to new market opportunities or create them. In addition, the flexibility is complemented by the detailed risk reports available in the system and provides information necessary to hedge away the risk in a portfolio.

"F3 has given us an opportunity to better serve our customers who are working with structured products and complex derivatives in their business. We can now provide a better software solution that helps clients value and measure the portfolio or trading book risk at both the aggregate and trade level," said Bob Park, President and CEO. "With this latest product development our customers can now structure almost any financial product to help them manage the volatility in today's market as well as dealing with anticipated inflationary pressures."

In addition to the comprehensive variance and inflation swap coverage, F3 has expanded coverage to include Constant Maturity Swaps (CMS) pricing capabilities and has made enhancements to its volatility cube. This improved functionality is geared for traders, structurers, risk, and quant teams as well as their respective middle and back office support teams.

For more information about F3, visit www.fincad.com/f3


Founded in 1990, FINCAD provides software and services supporting the valuation and risk management of cross-asset class derivatives and fixed income securities to banks, corporate treasuries, asset management firms, auditors, and governments. FINCAD is the industry standard for financial analytics used by more than 4,000 organizations in over 80 countries. Over 70 FINCAD Alliance Partners embed FINCAD analytics within their solutions. FINCAD provides sales and client services from Dublin, Ireland and Vancouver, Canada.

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