F&M Tool & Plastics Inc. Achieves Top-Drawer Quality for its Bella Contemporary Storage(TM) with Milliken's Millad® NX8000 Clarifier

SPARTANBURG, S.C. - Feb. 17, 2011 - By choosing Milliken & Company's Millad® NX8000 clarifying agent, F&M Tool & Plastics, Inc., a Leominster, Mass., injection molding company, has committed to the development of the "Next Generation in Clears Storage". F&M Tool & Plastics' goal was to enhance the quality and aesthetics of its Bella Contemporary Storage(TM) line, including storage containers, latching lid clears, clear totes, carts, towers and drawers. Working closely with the Milliken team and its resin supplier, F&M Tool & Plastics tested polypropylene (PP) clarified with the Millad NX8000 agent and observed great overall improvements. The new line of clear storage products, Bella NX Next Generation in Clears(TM) will be sold by a wide range of retailers. F&M Tool & Plastics' success demonstrates the superiority of Millad NX8000 over traditional clarifiers, which is helping the product win additional shelf space and recognition among retailers and consumers.

"We have used Milliken products for many years with great success. We are always looking for new advancements in technology, so when Millad NX8000 clarifier became available, we were anxious to try it," said Mark Gasbarro, president/owner, F&M Tool & Plastics. "We are thrilled with the results. Millad NX8000 increases the strength and stability of our molded products, helping storage containers, clear totes, carts and other clear storage items hold more weight, while also maintaining consistent color and clarity for better shelf appeal. An outstanding bonus is the improved processing performance of polypropylene clarified with Milliken's Millad NX8000. We're excited about launching the upgraded Bella line, Bella NX Next Generation in Clears(TM) to our many retail customers."

Polypropylene clarified with Millad NX8000 technology provides water-clear transparency and a bright appearance as compared to a dull, yellowish look that can occur with traditional clarifiers. Millad NX8000 also provides a wide processing window that ensures consistent, high-quality performance in a broad range of PP grades.

"Milliken provided support services to F&M Tool & Plastics to ensure a smooth transition to Millad NX8000 clarifier, such as testing of the clarified PP on site, as well as assistance with impact modifiers and color services," continued Gasbarro. "The Milliken research and development department works with F&M Tool & Plastics on an ongoing basis to achieve results beyond the state-of-the-art."

About F&M Tool & Plastics

F&M Tool & Plastics is a growing plastic molding company created in 1990 and privately owned since then. F&M purchased in 2004 and 2005 Smartware Products & Petwares Plus products lines. In 2008, F&M designed, developed and tooled a complete line of plastic storage products, Bella Contemporary Storage(TM). Since 2008, F&M has enjoyed enormous growth with its proprietary lines in recession years by continually "Creating trusting partnerships, providing quality and value to our customers."

For further information about F&M Tool & Plastics, please visit www.fmtool.com and for more information on the Bella Contemporary Storage(TM) & Bella NX Next Generation in Clears(TM) line, please visit www.bellacontemporarystorage.com.

About Milliken & Company

A leading international corporation, Milliken is a privately-held, technology-based company serving textile, chemical, and floor covering markets, and is dedicated to building a strong culture of integrity, innovation, and excellence.

Milliken Chemical, a division of Milliken & Company, specializes in developing and producing additives and colorants for the global plastics and household care industries. Milliken Chemical has application and development centers around the world dedicated to customer support.

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