ezEX-RJ45â„¢ Termination System features push button lock.

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Designed for use with lager cables and conductors with Hi-Lo stagger of conductors, ezEX-RJ45™ Termination System works with 24-22 AWG stranded conductors. Featuring ezEX™44 and ezEX™48 connector insulation with diameters ranging in 1.0 –1.12mm and 1.09 – 1.22mm respectively, product is rated up to 10 Gigabit and has 0.29 in. outer diameter. ezEX-RJ45™ Termination System comes with EXO Crimp Frame™ and is compliant to FCC, RoHS 2 and UL standards.

Original Press Release:

Platinum Tools® Multi-Award Winning Next Generation Termination System Now Shipping

The Patented ezEX-RJ45 System Provides a Modular Solution to Make the Termination of Larger Diameter Twisted-Pair Cables Easy and Error-Free

Platinum Tools® (www.platinumtools.com), the leader in solutions for the preparation, installation, hand termination and testing of wire and cable, is proud to announce the launch of the next generation termination system. The winner of the Residential Systems Magazine “Best of Show” CEDIA 2016 award and the 2017 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition Category Winner for Connectors and Connectorization, the ezEX-RJ45™ Termination System with the new EXO Crimp Frame™ is now shipping with an MSRP of $90.00 (p/n 100061C).

“In today’s networks, twisted pair cables are demanding more speed and bandwidth,” explained John Phillips, Platinum Tools, Inc. product manager. “To help meet these requirements, Cat5e/6/6A cables have increased in size. Both the outer diameter of the cable and the insulation diameter of the conductors are larger and vary by manufacturer, making cable and connector compatibility a challenge. Platinum Tools new patented ezEX-RJ45™ Termination System is the solution…providing greater cable to connector compatibility to meet higher performance demands.”

The new patented is a RJ45 crimp tool that can terminate multiple sizes of cables and conductors. The crimp frame highlights two interchangeable dies that work with EZ-RJ45® and ezEX-RJ45™ connectors. The tool design allows for future upgrades by purchasing a new die.

“The EZ-RJ45® Die gives you the ability to terminate EZ-RJ45 connectors, and the EXO-EX™ Die terminates the new and improved ezEX-RJ45™ connectors,” Phillips continued. “The ezEX-RJ45™ connectors are designed for larger cables and conductors with a Hi-Lo stagger of conductors, one piece/pass through, and no bars or liners resulting in high performance termination.”

The new ezEX-RJ45 feed-through connectors with staggered channels matched with the new EXO Crimp Frame + EXO-EX Die are specifically designed to crimp and flush-trim the protruding conductors in a single operation. This patented new termination system couples two concurrently developed and matched solutions for terminating larger cables.

Features and specifications of the ezEX-RJ45™ Connectors include:

  • Simple one piece/pass through design, no bars or liners
  • Hi Lo staggered load bar
  • Rated up to 10 Gigabit for superior performance
  • Works with solid or stranded conductors from 24-22 AWG
  • Max Outer Diameter of .290 in. (7.36mm)
  • ezEX™44 Connector Insulation Diameter - Size range of .039 - .044 in. (1.0 –1.12mm)
  • ezEX™48 Connector Insulation Diameter - Size range of .043 - .048 in. (1.09 – 1.22mm)
  • FCC, RoHS 2 & UL compliant
  • Made in USA

Features and specifications of the EXO Crimp Frame and Dies include:

  • Single cycle crimp and flush trim
  • Dies are easily interchangeable
  • Reversible Die for ambidextrous operation
  • Connectors lock into tool for correct positioning during crimp
  • Push button lock for easy storage
  • Ergonomic comfort grip TPR handles
  • EXO-EX™ Die for crimping ezEX™44 and ezEX™48 connectors - Terminates larger cables and conductors Cat6 and Cat6A
  • EZ-RJ45® Die for crimping EZ-RJ45® Connectors

“Current modular connectors for larger diameter cables require multiple pieces that can get lost, are difficult to prep, and are very difficult to verify wiring sequence which leads to improper terminations and scrap,” Phillips added. “The ezEX-RJ45 connector and EXO Crimp Frame and EXO-EX Die system minimize the cost of operation for the installer by eliminating mistakes in crimping and downtime.”

The included EXO Crimp Frame features tool-less replacement of dies to minimize down times due to damaged or worn dies. Interchangeable and ambidextrous dies for left and right-handed operation, clean and precise flush-cut connectors. The connector tab locks into the die port for one-handed operation and ensures that the connector is locked in place for proper crimping. Push button gun-style lock (patented) for easy storage, and the precisely aligned contact drivers provide reliable and repeatable crimping.

“The ezEX-RJ45 termination system is versatile, rugged and precise,” Phillips concluded. “It is the only system that makes terminating larger cables EZ!”

For additional pricing and more information on Platinum Tools and its complete product line, please visit www.platinumtools.com, call (800) 749-5783, or email info@platinumtools.com.

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