EZ-UP Suspended Frame Cleanroom comes with HEPA fan/filter.

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Available in antiseptic and flame resistant 40-mil or 20-mil thickness vinyl panels, EZ-UP Cleanroom uses softwall vinyl panels which are zipped together over suspended steel frames. Featuring two inch powder coated square rods, enclosure kit includes wire rope, eye bolts, crimping tool and winch. Suitable for dust free packing and cleaning operations, EZ-UP Cleanroom is ISO-8 compliant and consists of zippered vinyl panel entrances.

Original Press Release:

Terra Universal Introduces EZ-UP Suspended-Frame Cleanroom

Terra's EZ-UP Cleanroom™ Modular Suspended-Frame Enclosure with HEPA fan/filter units is ISO-8 compliant. The new cleanroom system uses unique softwall vinyl panels that zipper together and fit over a steel frame suspended from ceiling anchors. The economical EZ-UP cleanroom can be assembled more quickly than traditional modular rooms, and is easy to relocate or expand.

Ideal for warehouses, the EZ-UP cleanroom is used for dust-free packaging or assembly lines, equipment enclosures, or cleaning operations. Lighting, air conditioning or heating modules may be added as needed to create the controlled environment for specific applications. Vinyl panels, available in 40-mil or lighter 20-mil thicknesses, are anti-static and flame-resistant.

Entrances into the zippered room are zippered vinyl panels or strip-shields that are easily parted. The powder-coated steel frame consists of two-inch square rods. Included with each EZ-Up cleanroom are the frame and vinyl panels. A separate suspension kit includes wire rope, eye bolts, crimping tool, winch and other required components.

Terra Universal has 40 years of experience manufacturing hardwall and softwall modular cleanrooms and room conversion components such as specialty doors and windows. For more information about EZ-UP modular cleanrooms.


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