EyeLock Incorporates Sticky Password for Added Security and Ease of Use in Online Transactions

Password management software integrates seamlessly for complete identity protection in first-ever iris authentication device for enterprise and mass market

NEW YORK – EyeLock Inc., a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, today announced a partnership with industry-leading password management software provider, Sticky Password.  The combined solution integrates EyeLock's myris device with Sticky Password's password management software to provide added security and ease-of-use for logging in to digital platforms- eliminating the need to create and remember passwords. The myris device is an iris identity authenticator that plugs into a USB port and works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS devices and supports Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome browsers.

Here's how the integrated solution works: when myris is plugged into the USB port, the myris application is loaded, the user enrolls and the AES 256 encrypted iris code gets linked to Sticky Password's password management software. When the application is launched for the first time, it culls through browsers on the device to find any passwords that are already stored. It then creates a secure database containing those sites, usernames and passwords unique to that myris user. Since the passwords are secured and stored on the myris and no longer have to be written down or committed to memory, they are significantly more secure because each login requires two unique, live irises for authentication.

In addition, the software provides the following features and functions:

    --  Form Autofill: Beyond simple automatic login credentials, the myris

        software securely stores a variety of form information that is often

        unsafely stored through cookies in the browser. Critical information

        including social security number, credit card information, billing

        address, shipping address and phone numbers are now autofilled securely

        through the myris interface.

    --  Password Security Warnings:  The myris application will auto-detect

        accounts with weak passwords and warn the user. It can then

        auto-generate strong password options for the user to choose from.

    --  Dynamic Application Support: The application will automatically detect

        the programs or applications installed on the user's system and

        auto-populate for quick login.

About EyeLock

EyeLock is a leader in iris authentication, provides the highest level of security with EyeLock ID technology.  The company's proprietary, embeddable technology enables the convenient, secure authentication of individuals across physical and logical environments. EyeLock's software has been integrated across consumer and enterprise platforms, eliminating the need for PINs and passwords. No two irises are alike, and outside DNA - the iris is the most accurate human identifier. Corporations across the Fortune 500 recognize the level of security EyeLock provides, ease of use and scalability. As a sponsor member of the Fast IDentity Online Alliance (FIDO), a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safer and more secure digital presence for consumers, EyeLock is dedicated to providing digital privacy and next generation security.

About Sticky Password

Sticky Password, founded in 2001, is a utility software that creates and organizes passwords to simplify a user's online life without compromising security. Sticky Password provides automatic login, one-click form filling, storage for personal data, and basic collaboration functionality for small groups. It brings "set and forget" password management technology to the world. Security leaders like Kaspersky Lab, among others, have selected Sticky Password to power elements of their own product solutions. Sticky Password is available at stickypassword.com and at major retailers including Target, Fry's, MicroCenter and Amazon.


EyeLock Inc.

Web Site: http://www.eyelock.com

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