Extrusion Tooling is used to manufacture large wall piping.

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Featuring combined die and reservoir system that promotes even material distribution and product consistency, Model 2030 eliminates extrusion issues associated with inconsistent material flow during manufacture of large wall piping (4-20 in. dia) used for oil, gas, and water applications. Co-extrusion capability enables simultaneous extrusion of multi-materials or multi-stripes, and flow analysis software ensures extrusion die is engineered to perform to specifications.

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Guill Model 2030 Extrusion Tooling Meets Growing Demand for Large Wall PE Pipes

Oil, Water and Gas Pipe Markets Benefit from New Advanced Higher Output Technology. Today, high growth and expansion in energy and water industries are fueling demand for Guill's extrusion technology to manufacture large wall piping -- 4" - 20" in diameter (10.16 cm - 50.8 cm) for distributing oil, gas and water that meets the world's increasing energy requirements. In spite of the current economic downturn, Guill's technology for the 2030 Model is proving successful in serving this energy and water distribution market globally. Manufacturers of these large wall pipes have experienced different polymer variations in the end product that, in turn, forces a slowdown in production and a loss of time, material and money. With Guill's new Model 2030, the extrusion problem of accommodating an inconsistent material flow and distribution has been eliminated, increasing profitability for manufacturers. The new Model 2030 tooling system offers users excellent material distribution and product consistency that is improved by a specially designed, patent-pending combined die and reservoir system. With this ultra-precise tooling, material flow from the die is delivered with the balance necessary to achieve product accuracy. In addition, a special co-extrusion capability enables the simultaneous extrusion of multi-materials or multi-stripes. "With the Model 2030 and other similar models of the 2000 Series, previous manufacturing problems are resolved," states Bill Conley, Guill's Technical Sales Manager. "Greater accuracy at high production speeds, less material waste as well as improved tolerance and product consistency are benchmarks for the Series 2000 pipe technology. Our customers want top-notch productivity, and this new series delivers it while saving thousands of dollars in wasted material as a result of improved product quality." With Guill's advanced flow analysis software, the output of polymer is actually shaped long before it reaches the tip of the die. With this proprietary extrusion technology, the polymer being distributed cannot return to its original shape. The amount of required material throughput for a pipe design is channeled to meet the proper requirements. After Guill's design is complete, the flow analysis software ensures that the extrusion die is engineered to perform to specifications. Self Contained Extrusion System The self-contained extrusion system for the Model 2030 weighs from 6,000 - 10,000 lbs. (2721.55 kg - 4535.92 kg) and has a patent-pending mounted track and cart that enable easy handling and maintenance. A key benefit to users is that the cart system is engineered to tilt the die on-the-fly in order to compensate for the catenary (sagging) effect caused by gravity as the extrusion product exits the equipment. Overall, it offers excellent labor-saving benefits for cable and pipe manufacturers. With the self-contained track support system, one person can easily disassemble, clean and re-assemble the system by sliding the modular plates in and out of position without using lifts or rigging equipment. All cable and pipe manufacturers that require large diameters and multi-layer jacketing also benefit from the advanced material flow of the Model 2030 extrusion head and its support system without the rigging or support equipment usually required by ordinary systems on the market today. Guill's 50 Years Experience With almost a half century of experience, Guill is recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of extrusion tooling for advanced applications that include: medical tubing, multi-lumen tubing, multi-layer co-extruded products, profile products, and fiber optics. Guill has an established track record of outstanding performance for extrusion tooling for medical, automotive, and pelletized products; wood composites; blow-molding; rubber and silicone; pipes and hoses; wires and cables; and food and packaging. Since 1995, Guill has achieved ISO 9001 Certification. The ISO 9001 Standard guides the work processes on all business and manufacturing levels. The continual quest for manufacturing improvement is key to all daily efforts and end products. With the latest CAD/MCAD connected with FEA and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) systems, Guill engineers have developed the FlexiSpiral deflector and tip; the patented FeatherTouch die adjusting system for unrivaled concentricity; the SealRight system; and the QuickChange Manifold for rapid change of color and/or materials. Guill also offers inline heads and crossheads; no-leak water cooled heads; both industry standard and custom-made tips and dies; spiderless inline tips and dies; cartridge heater systems; flanges; breaker plates; swing gates; forming rolls; sizing dies; and other special equipment. For a free evaluation, technical product sheets, and general information-or for the name of a representative in your area-please contact Tom Baldock, Sales Manager, Extrusions  at 10 Pike Street, West Warwick, RI 02893 (USA). Te l 401-465-5526 . Fax: (401) 823-5310. 

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