Extrusion System creates multi-layer packaging films.

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Designed to meet demand for bag-on-a-roll materials, Alpine Multi-Layer Co-Extruder uses 3-layer process and has laser scanner that continuously monitors film thickness and provides quality control. Programmable controls store batch recipes and special blends for consistent production, while scrap reclamation processes optimize operating efficiencies. Co-extruded films provide durable, printable outer layer, combined with smooth, seal-friendly inner layer to protect contents.

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New Multi-layer Co-extruder to Meet Growing Demand for Bag-on-a-Roll Materials

Automated Packaging Systems Adds New Multi-layer Co-extruder to Meet Growing Demand for Bag-on-a-Roll Materials

STREETSBORO, OH - December 17, 2007 - Automated Packaging Systems, the world leader in high-reliability packaging systems, has recently added a new high-efficiency, blown film extrusion system for creating multi-layer films. This Alpine brand co-extruder is considered one of the most advanced film processing systems in the world and includes many new capabilities that will allow Automated Packaging to offer its customers increased capacity, higher quality bags, and shorter lead times.

This new co-extruder produces film in rolls that are 40 percent larger than standard rolls, which results in more efficient production with fewer splices and less scrap. The system uses a 3-layer process that has precise control over film thickness and custom blends. A high-accuracy laser scanner continuously monitors film thickness and provides the industry's best quality control.

Advanced programmable controls store batch recipes and special blends for consistent production and minimal downtime between batch runs. The system also has innovative scrap reclamation processes that further improve operating efficiencies.

"This new extruder gives us unique capabilities to produce high quality films for both traditional and special applications," says Jim Kauffman, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing Operations. "We are investing in the future of plastics manufacturing in the US, where we are continually creating improved plastic film materials for bag packaging applications in hardware, medical, food, pharmacy, fulfillment and retail packaging." Automated Packaging Systems built an addition to their current manufacturing facility in Keyser, West Virginia to accommodate the 57 foot height of this new extruder.

Co-extruded films offer several advantages, such as the ability to provide a tough, durable outer layer with good printing characteristics, combined with a smooth, seal-friendly inner layer to protect and extend the life of the contents. Several film material combinations are proprietary to Automated Packaging Systems, the company that invented the original "Autobag®" pre-opened bag-on-a-roll materials more than 40 years ago. Automated Packaging's proprietary films enable the company to provide unique packaging solutions to the marketplace.

To learn more about the different plastic materials available from Automated Packaging Systems, download a white paper at: www.autobag.com/whitepapers or visit the company's web site at: http://www.autobag.com/Bag-and-Pouch-Materials.aspx

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Automated Packaging Systems has been designing and manufacturing original Autobag®, SidePouch(TM) and AirPouch(TM) systems and products for more than 40 years. With more than 25,000 packaging systems in operation and a national service organization, Automated Packaging has the experience and support to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction. The company's Systems Advantage(TM) Program combines machines, materials and services to further enhance the value of its packaging solutions.


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