Extrusion Puller resizes and cuts.

Press Release Summary:

Machine resizes plastic coated, braided tubing with heated die, checks for exposed wires, and cuts sections to any length. Hot die is located between two independent pinch drives. Each pinch drive is electronically geared to programmed speed or input from upstream size feedback. It has alphanumeric color touch screen for menu-selectable die heat, cut length and relative speeds for each pinch drive up to 750 fpm.

Original Press Release:

New Extrusion Puller/Resizer/Cutter Features Programmable Dual Pinch Drives That Greatly Improve Process Control and Quality

San Jose, CA. - April, 2002 - ENGINEERING BY DESIGN, of San Jose, CA, is producing a new machine that resizes plastic coated, braided tubing with a heated die, checks for exposed wires and cuts sections to any length.

"We optimized the performance, reliability and accuracy while adding features that make it easier to use," states Dale Henson, P.E. and President of Engineering By Design. "Putting the first pinch drive and the cutter on a pneumatic slides makes it much easier to load, while putting the heated die and the exposed wire detector on slides makes them easy to move out of the processing path when not used."

Program entry features an alphanumeric color touch screen. The new design features menu-selectable die heat, cut length and the relative speeds for each pinch drive up to 750 FPM. The braided wire under the surface of the tubing is easily cut through the use of a high-speed, replaceable blade. The innovative designs and specifications were perfected at the company by a highly skilled team of engineers and production specialists in San Jose, California.

ENGINEERING BY DESIGN maintains design, production and sales offices in San Jose, CA. For more information contact Dale Henson, P.E. at 408.452.0256 or visit www.ebdesign.com



This puller is typically used with an extruder or other machine that produces plastic layered tubes or solids in various diameters.


Co-extruded plastic covering a base core or tube can be precisely sized using a hot die. A sub surface wire braid can be tested for exposed wires and any exposed areas cut out. Good product is then cut to a selected length.

Design Highlights:

The hot die is located between the two independent pinch drives. Each pinch drive is electronically geared to either a programmed speed or an input from an upstream size feedback (like a laserMike). The speed ratio between the two pinch drives can be adjusted through the touch-screen operator interface to control process slack. Exposed wires are detected using a high voltage tester. Air cylinders move the drive and process elements out of the way for easy setup.


This puller combines hot die resizing, insulation integrity testing and removal and cut-to-length features in a safe system that is easy to set up and adjust. Rejected product is minimized as the process is more-precisely controlled.


- INPUT POWER: 208-250 VAC, single phase with ground & neutral. 50/60 Hz.

- COMPRESSED AIR: 75 PSI clean & dry.

- WEIGHT: 600 pounds.

- DIMENSIONS: 38" long, 28" deep, 72" high. 45" +/- 1 " product transfer height.

- PRODUCT SIZE: Designed for product outer diameters from .02" to .38".

- Different diameters can be accommodated.

- SPEED: Linear process speed up to 750 FPM.

- TEMPERATURE: Hot die up to 750 deg F.

- INSULATION TEST: Up to 20,000 volts used to detect outer cover gaps.

- CUT LENGTH: Any length, depending on line speed.

- COMPLIANCE: Built per NFPA-79 and CE.


- Color touch-screen interface pivots and tilts to accommodate any operator.

- All machine operation parameters set through the touch-screen.

- Air cylinders slide the first pinch roller and cutter 12" outward from run position for setup. Pneumatic toggle switches activate these motions.

- Air cylinders slide the hot die in and the insulation test head out for setup.

- Cutter assembly cover is safety switched to protect maintenance techs.

- E-stop located on operator panel. Additional E-stops can be added.

- Guides upstream of each pinch roller set are adjustable for running gap and can be quickly opened to 2" gap for easy loading.

- Hot die and spark insulation test head are screw-adjustable for precise positioning. They are also both manually removable using one knob.

- Accessory power source is provided to preheat sizing dies in anticipation of fast die changeover. Power level is adjustable through touch-screen.

- Pinch roller gaps are adjustable with a hand crank located on top of the drive cover.

- Brushless servos used for each pinch drive and the cutter.

- Running gap for first pinch roller set can be opened to 1/2" by flipping a toggle switch. This helps during initial setup and while sliding the first pinch assembly between setup and run positions.

- Accessory drawer and spark test source located on back of machine.

- Pull tensions up to 30 pounds accommodated. Pinch rollers spring-loaded to help protect fingers that get caught between the rollers.

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