Extrusion Coating System meets AAMA 2605-13 specifications.

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Consisting of color coat and clear coat, Acropon® 2605 Extrusion Coating System is spray-applied to extruded aluminum products, such as storefronts, entrances, windows, and handrails. System offers wide color palette and gloss levels ranging from 30–70 for both interior and exterior applications. Coating meets or exceeds AAMA 2605-13 specifications for 10-year South Florida exposure weathering conditions and resistance to salt spray, chalking, and fading.

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Valspar's New Acropon Coatings Deliver High-performance Durability, High-intensity Color and Gloss for Architectural Aluminum Products

Proprietary resin system offers “AAMA 2605 quality at a 2604 value”

Minneapolis – The Valspar Corporation introduces Acropon® 2605 Extrusion Coating System for extruded aluminum products, such as storefronts, entrances, windows, handrails, column covers and panel systems. The new coating system’s high gloss, color palette and performance qualities are formulated for both exterior and interior applications on luxury condominiums and other high-end, high-rise residences, as well as low- to mid-rise commercial buildings, including airports, schools, hospitals, retail centers, offices and other facilities with high-traffic areas.

“Acropon enhances and intensifies everything it touches, providing outstanding protection against the elements with brilliant color and sheen, at a superior value,” summarizes Valspar’s director of sales, Tim Tritch.

Valspar developed this proprietary, composite system of organic and inorganic polymers with the latest advances in resin technology. The resulting finish meets or exceeds AAMA 2605-13 specifications for 10-year South Florida exposure weathering conditions and resistance to salt spray, chalking and fading.

The two-coat system consists of a color coat and a clear coat, and is spray-applied to extruded aluminum. The innovative composition allows for precise color control, consistency and retention. A wide palette is available, including color-intense hues, mica and metallic. Gloss levels range from 30 to 70 and higher.

Tim continues, “Acropon allows designers to upgrade the performance without increasing costs. It’s AAMA 2605 quality at a 2604 value. This easy-to-apply coating system offers a 20-25% advantage compared with the applied costs of 50% and 70% PVDF. Plus, Acropon is backed with a 10-year warranty. There are potential savings upfront due to the applicator’s efficiency and potential long-term savings due to the finished product’s durability.”

Acropon 2605 Extrusion Coating System also withstands abrasions and chemicals. This reduces the potential for scratches, mars or damage during shipments and installation, and also meets the demands of high-traffic interior applications. With an H-2H pencil hardness, fabricators and installers can be confident that Acropon is unlikely to require touch-up in the field. The smooth surface is easy to clean, contributing to lower maintenance costs for facility managers and greater building values for property owners.

In addition to the 10-year warranty, Valspar supports its Acropon coating system with industry-leading technical expertise, color-matching and sustainability resources, responsive customer service and high-priority lead times. For detailed descriptions on Acropon, please visit ValsparCoilExtrusion.com/Acropon.

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