Extreme Tight Tolerance Coating Rolls

Coating rolls used to apply the thinnest of coatings must be constructed to extremely tight tolerances.

(Neenah, Wis.) - Today's super thin web coatings require extremely tight tolerances from coating rollers. Roller tolerance (or concentricity) is measured as TIR - Total Indicated Runout. The tighter the tolerance, the smaller the TIR dimension. According to Pete Eggen, roll specialist at Webex Inc, the company has produced coating rolls with as little as 1 micron TIR - that's 40 millionths of an inch variance from one end of the roll to the other. Since rolls are ground and polished with roll bearings in place, Webex uses special bearings with certified tolerances. Most coating rolls are also Webex ThermEx heat transfer rolls often specified with a chrome-plated finish. To ensure such exacting tolerances on coating rolls, the company uses an electronic gauge to measure roll TIR. Eggen states the company routinely produces tight tolerance coating rolls with diameters of 6 to 24 inches and larger for lines running as fast as 3,000 fpm.

Webex: (920) 729-6666 www.webexinc.com

Webex, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of precision rolls and custom machinery for the web handling and converting industries. Custom precision rolls include process rolls of all kinds -- heat transfer rolls, vacuum rolls, air turn rolls and standard idlers. Webex has also engineered and produced custom web handling and converting machinery of all kinds for applications embracing winding, tension control, coating, extruding, laminating, web accumulation, and more REM slitter/rewinders, now produced by Webex following the acquisition of REM Manufacturing, add additional depth to the Webex arsenal of innovative converting machinery solutions. For more information, call (920) 729-6666 or visit www.webexinc.com.

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