External Hard Drives are 100% recyclable, RoHS-compliant.

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Available with capacities from 320 GB to 1 TB and Turbo USB 2.0 interface, SimpleTech SimpleDrive(TM) can be stacked horizontally or stand upright. Plug-and-play desktop external drive has built-in cooling vents for fanless operation and automatically powers on/off with computer. Also available, Signature Mini(TM) USB 2.0 Portable Drives come in capacities from 160-500 GB and do not require power adapter. All products offer local and automatic online backup for digital content.

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Fabrik's Popular SimpleTech Families Get a Makeover

SimpleTech SimpleDrive Features Turbo USB 2.0 and New Design; Signature Mini Portable USB 2.0 Drives Offer Fashion Forward Colors, 500GB Capacity. Both Increase Sustainability Appeal and Feature Fabrik's Two Level Backup Protection

SAN MATEO and SANTA ANA, Calif., July 28 -- Fabrik Inc. (http://www.fabrik.com/), a leading provider of innovative storage, memory and content management services, today announced that it is shipping a newly-designed SimpleTech SimpleDrive(TM) with capacities up to 1TB and a faster Turbo USB 2.0 interface. In addition, Fabrik announced increased capacity up to 500GB and launched new designer colors -- Cayenne and Ice -- for its popular, fashion-forward Signature Mini(TM) USB 2.0 Portable Drives. For both Mac and PC users, the new and enhanced product lines were developed with sustainability in mind, including the use of more recyclable materials, less packaging, lower power consumption, and a simpler design to help reduce use of resources in the manufacturing process.

Both the new SimpleDrive desktop external drive and Signature Mini portable drives provide two layers of protection for consumers' valuable digital content, including both simple local backup and automatic online backup with Fabrik Ultimate BackupTM (http://www.fabrikultimatebackup.com/). New Design and Turbo USB 2.0 for SimpleDrive Family The new SimpleTech SimpleDrive desktop drive family boasts 320GB to 1TB of storage space and can be stacked horizontally or stand upright for an easy fit. The drives feature a Turbo USB 2.0 interface, which is up to 25 percent faster than traditional USB 2.0, making sharing and transferring large files quick and easy. The simple plug n' play external storage device has built-in cooling vents for "no-fan" quiet operation. The SimpleTech SimpleDrive external drives are available now.

Manufacturer's suggested retail pricing (MSRP) begins at $99.99 (320GB) to $259.99 (1,000GB or 1TB). New Designer Colors and a 500GB Signature Mini Portable USB 2.0 Drive Known for its wide array of delicious colors like Black Cherry, Blueberry and Espresso, Fabrik's popular SimpleTech Signature Mini USB 2.0 Portable Drive family has two new flavors -- Cayenne and Ice. The product family now includes a newly-released 500GB unit for storing and protecting tons of pics, flicks and tunes. Continuing with the family's sleek and stylish lines, the new offerings are designed by Pininfarina, the icon of Italian sports car design since 1930. With a form factor small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, these drives sport a unique, soft velvety texture for a secure grip. The Signature Mini USB 2.0 Portable Drives are available now. MSRP ranges from $99.99 (160GB) to $229.99 (500GB). Colors and capacities include: -- Signature Mini Blueberry 160GB -- Signature Mini Cayenne 250GB -- Signature Mini Ice 250GB -- Signature Mini Black Cherry 320GB -- Signature Mini Espresso 500GB Two Levels of Protection, Local Backup and Highly-Secure Online Backup Both the SimpleTech SimpleDrive and the Signature Mini Portable Drive ship with two levels of data backup to better protect and manage personal or professional content. The software offers wizards to guide you through setting up automatic backups to occur on specific days, dates or other recurring basis. Automatic file selection provides easy identification of particular file types, such as photos, emails and documents, wherever they are stored on your computer's drive.

For PC users, it includes integrated virus protection to help prevent the transfer of infected files before the backup occurs. Free updates are continually made available to provide ongoing protection from the latest viruses. The software lets you create a disaster recovery CD that can be used to boot your system in case of system failure, which could save hours of reinstalling the OS and various applications. In addition to local backup software, each drive family comes with 2GB of free online backup space from Fabrik Ultimate Backup (http://www.fabrikultimatebackup.com/), or for $4.95 per month, you have access to unlimited capacity to securely back up all of your files and media collections offsite. You simply set it up once, and it automatically and regularly backs up your content behind the scenes to a secure offsite location. All data is encrypted for security using 128-bitSSL encryption while in transit, with an option for a private encryption key. Fabrik's offsite 448-bit Blowfish encrypted servers are housed by a Fortune 500 company, ensuring file protection, longevity, security and peace of mind.

More Sustainable Product Design and Packaging As consumers begin seeking out more sustainable products and behaviors, Fabrik is updating its product line and corporate practices to give consumers a responsible alternative for storing their digital data. Fabrik is committed to improving all of its products for increased sustainability. The SimpleDrive and Signature Mini packaging are 100 percent recyclable, contain no extraneous inbox materials, and feature recyclable plastics in the enclosures. The SimpleDrive also automatically powers on and off with the computer, while the Signature Mini is inherently a low-power solution, doesn't require a power adapter, and is smaller in size and packaging, reducing its transportation carbon impact compared to desktop drives. The SimpleTech SimpleDrive's enclosure features a durable slide-fit construction, minimizing parts and assembly process. The same mold is used for top and bottom shells, which minimizes the resources spent during production. Vents are incorporated directly into the outer enclosure, which allows heat to escape, improving the efficiency of the drive. As standard industry practice, Fabrik ensures that all of its products adhere to stringent regulatory compliance standards such as Grunpunkt, RoHS and WEEE.

"We're focused on making user-friendly products that combine excellent function with appealing design," said Matt McRae, vice president of marketing at Fabrik. "The SimpleDrive and Signature Mini lines appeal to all types of consumers depending on their various capacity needs, price ranges, and color preferences. They also represent an incremental step toward improved sustainability in an industry that has paid little attention to the impact its products have on the environment." Along with the SimpleTech SimpleDrive and Signature Mini Portable Drives, Fabrik also announced today the availability of the new SimpleTech [re]drive, the world's most energy-efficient, resource-conscious, Turbo USB 2.0 external storage and backup drive.

For more information about Fabrik's new products, please visit http://www.fabrik.com/.

About Fabrik Inc.

Fabrik delivers a blend of online services, software, memory and storage solutions that help consumers, small businesses and A/V professionals store, access and manage their growing collections of digital content. The company's online services, www.joggle.com/ and www.fabrikultimatebackup.com/, are marketed directly to consumers online, and through global channel partnerships. Fabrik's leading storage brands include SimpleTech and G-Technology.

For more information, please visit http://www.fabrik.com/.

Fabrik Inc., founded in 2005, is a privately owned company headquartered in San Mateo with offices in Santa Ana and Culver City, California. (C) 2008 -- Fabrik Inc. (http://www.fabrik.com/). Fabrik, SimpleTech, Signature Mini, Fabrik Ultimate Backup and SimpleDrive are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Fabrik, Inc. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. For purposes of measuring disk drive storage capacity, one gigabyte (GB) represents one billion bytes and one terabyte (TB) represents one trillion bytes. The SimpleDrive, Signature Mini Portable Drive, and Fabrik Ultimate Backup serve as an element of an overall backup strategy.

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