Extension Cord features 3 evenly spaced outlets.

Press Release Summary:

Available in 6 and 25 ft lengths with green or yellow jacket, Cord Runner(TM) utilizes 14-gauge STW outdoor-rated cord and remains flexible, even in cold weather. Each outlet has indicator light that lets user know when power is on. Product is suited for landscaping, workshops, or any job-site requiring multiple tasks in different areas.

Original Press Release:

Coleman Cable's 3-Outlet Extension Cord Delivers 'Power Where You Need It'

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (August 27, 2007) - Coleman Cable Inc. (CCI) introduces the Cord Runner(TM) extension cord featuring three evenly spaced outlets, instead of just one outlet at the end. The new product is ideal for landscaping, workshops, holiday lighting or any job-site requiring multiple tasks in different areas.

The Cord Runner has a heavy-duty 14-gauge STW outdoor rated cord that is durable, reliable and flexible even in the coldest weather. Each evenly spaced outlet has a power indicator light to let you know when the power is on. The extension cord is available in 6 ft. and 25ft. lengths and green or yellow jacket.

"The Cord Runner makes it easier and safer to power multiple tasks using just one extension cord," said Blaine Ballard, CCI product manager. "And because the Cord Runner's three outlets are conveniently spaced, it provides much more flexibility in running tasks in different areas. The new Cord Runner is yet another solution from Coleman Cable delivering power where you need it."

About Coleman Cable Inc.
Coleman Cable, Inc. (CCI) is a leading manufacturer and innovator of electrical and electronic wire and cable products for the security, sound, telecommunications, electrical, commercial, industrial, and automotive industries. With extensive design and production capabilities and a long-standing dedication to customer service, Coleman Cable, Inc. is the preferred choice of cable and wire users throughout the United States. The company is located at 1530 Shields Drive, Waukegan, IL 60085. For more information, visit: www.colemancable.com

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