Exponential(TM) Launches 'No Cost' Ad Serving Solution to Publishers

Exponential(TM) Opens Up Expo9 Proprietary Ad Serving Solution

EMERYVILLE, Calif., June 20 - Exponential(TM), a technology-driven media services company that delivers innovative products and services to meet the demands of advertisers and publishers, today announced the release of its new ad serving solution for publishers. The commercial ad serving solution - called Expo9 - enables publishers to manage all their campaigns and advertising partners through a single, proprietary platform in a new, easy-to-use interface, with optimization and proprietary technology that ensures the highest revenue possible on every page on their site. The first of its kind for the digital media industry, Expo9's functionalities, usually reserved for customers who pay for ad server capabilities, will be available to publishers at no cost.

"We are taking the proprietary technology that we have been developing over the past seven years and offering it at no cost with our turn-key ad serving solution for publishers," said Dilip DaSilva, President and CEO of Exponential(TM). "Our Expo9 ad server can save publishers money while offering them similar functionality to an industrial-strength ad server. Expo9 includes support for all third-party relationships, robust targeting capabilities, and the ability to prioritize campaigns based on their effective yield. It also gives publishers many different ways to earn revenue with us, from our Tribal Fusion CPM network, to monetizing international traffic, running our performance marketing campaigns, and contextual, in-text campaigns with EchoTopic."

Exponential(TM) has been beta testing the new ad serving solution with more than 100 publishers over the past several months, and is currently serving, with complete reliability, over 20 billion ads per month via its Tribal Fusion network. Exponential(TM) plans on releasing Expo9 to qualified publishers partners beginning in July.

With Expo9, publishers will be able to manage multiple partners including their own campaigns, third-party ad servers, and other networks and exchanges. Expo9 offers the same functionality as commercial solutions, including frequency capping, geo-targeting, time-of-day targeting, pacing and rich media. In addition, campaigns can be prioritized based on eCPM yield. Kevin Lucido, CEO of Intermarkets, who manages advertising for DrudgeReport.com and other publishers in the Tribal Fusion network, says, "We've been working with Tribal Fusion and leveraging the Expo9 free ad serving solution for several months. Expo9 gives us the ability to manage inventory across all of our sites, integrating the advertising on all of our properties onto one platform. It has been a reliable, scalable solution that has enabled us to effectively monetize our properties and reduce costs - a definite competitive advantage. It's a great 'no cost' solution for publishers."

About Exponential(TM) Interactive, Inc.
Exponential(TM) is a technology-driven media services company that delivers innovative products and services offering various types of digital marketing to meet the demands of advertisers and publishers. Representing over 1,000 of the key vertical publishers, and as the partner of choice for many of the world's leading advertising agencies and advertisers for their online campaigns, the company offers a fully integrated suite of online advertising solutions, including brand and CPM advertising, performance marketing, lead generation, local search, online shopping portal and contextual solutions. Each of Exponential's businesses - Tribal Fusion®, FullTango(TM), LeadGenuity(TM), EchoTopic(TM) - brings state-of-the-art optimization technology and expertise, generating 20 billion online ad impressions per month, reaching 70% of the US Internet and 200 million consumers worldwide. Exponential(TM) Interactive, Inc. is privately held and headquartered in Emeryville, CA and has offices throughout the United States and in London and India.

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