Exponent Introduces FIPS201 Sleeve for ID Cards

MENLO PARK, Calif., Feb. 27 // -- Exponent Inc. (NASDAQ:EXPO) today announced that its Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve has been added to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 approved products list. Beginning October 27, 2006, in accordance with the FIPS201 standard, U.S. Government agencies were required to begin providing a new and more secure identification credential to their employees and contractors in the form of a contactless ID card. In addition to the card, the agencies are also to provide a sleeve that can help shield the card from unauthorized radio frequency interrogation attempts or activation of the card's contactless antenna and embedded chip.

Exponent's Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve was designed to meet specific requirements outlined by the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) for the new FIPS201-compliant Common Access Card (CAC). In particular, the sleeve consists of a rigid badge holder that effectively blocks unauthorized radio frequency interrogation of the properly inserted identification card. The FIPS201-compliant identification cards contain an embedded chip and antenna with a normal operating frequency of 13.54 MHz. Per the DoD requirement, the front of the electromagnetically opaque sleeve is clear to enable visual comparison of the card's printed photograph with the cardholder. In addition to its unique features, the sleeve offers a cost- effective solution compared to other available alternatives. For more information about the sleeve or to place an order, please contact Exponent's project manager for the DoD CAC and related programs, Brad McGoran, P.E., at 650-688-8001 or at mcgoran@exponent.com.

Exponent is authorized to provide Professional Engineering Services to all Federal Government Agencies under contracts awarded by the General Services Administration (GSA), CECOM and other agencies. The company currently supports the numerous agencies and corporations by performing quality assurance, reliability, and durability tests on CAC cards, FIPS201 cards, and e-passports. Tests are performed in accordance with relevant industry standards including FIPS201, ISO, ANSI, and ICAO as well as agency specific requirements. Exponent's President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Gaulke, stated, "We are pleased to be able to support DMDC and other Federal Agencies with their smartcard and personnel identification programs. We look forward to continuing to help these agencies make their identification cards and programs more reliable and secure." For more information concerning Exponent's smartcard and e-passport capabilities, please visit our website at www.exponent.com/practices/techdev/smartcard.html or contact mcgoran@exponent.com.

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