Explosion Resistant Machine Installation Service ensures safe operation.

Press Release Summary:

To help resolve safety and regulatory concerns regarding Explosion Resistant (XP) filling machine operations, XP Safety Install service oversees entire installation process and works with all involved stakeholders. Direct communication and discussion pertaining to relevant design details and installation requirements help ensure installation is properly executed. Service provides technical resources throughout entire project and makes certain all requirements are met at every stage.

Original Press Release:

New Service for Explosion Resistant (XP) Machine Installation


New Service to Facilitate Compliance with Regulatory and Liability Concerns

Baltimore, MD - For XP filling machine operations, meeting the requirements of insurance companies and local safety codes is difficult, time consuming and costly. Management may not be conversant with the intricacies of installation, and some operations may not have specifically trained staff to oversee the process. To help customers resolve safety and regulatory concerns, Filamatic has announced a new service, XP Safety Install. The company will oversee the installation process by working with all stakeholders to assist in resolving compliance issues.

With regulatory compliance becoming more onerous and difficult to achieve, the company is taking a proactive approach - directly helping their customers solve the myriad of issues that compliance can bring.

Filamatic has identified chemical specialty, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics as the market segments most likely to benefit from the new service.

Responding to Customer Need
XP Safety Install was announced in January at Filamatic's Baltimore, MD headquarters by the company's President and COO. "We felt strongly about adding this new service for two principle reasons," said Filamatic President, Rudy Arn. "First, we're one of the few companies that manufacture XP machines, so it just makes good business sense for us to oversee installation in this comprehensive fashion.

Second, and even more important, we believe this is exactly the kind of help our customers need from us."

A Technical Liaison
This is what the service does," said Jack Chopper, Filamatic's Chief Electrical Engineer. "We function as a technical liaison between our customer, their insurance carrier, and the authority having jurisdiction. We communicate and discuss relevant design details and installation requirements to help make sure that the installation is properly executed. And to help make certain we are meeting all requirements at every stage, we provide technical resources throughout the entire project. In large and small ways we assist our customers with what can be a very complex undertaking."

With a long history of XP filling machine construction and installation, the company has a wealth of experience to draw from.

Safer & Quicker Installations
The complexity of a Hazardous Location machine - a term Filamatic prefers over XP - from requirements, to design, construction, shipping and finally a safe installation, all depend on open communications from all parties and a close relationship between the end user and insurance companies. From prior experience, Filamatic engineers know that the installation location, environment and requirements will have already been openly reviewed and agreed upon by all project stakeholders. By providing guidance from the beginning, Filamatic intends to eliminate surprises and to provide robust solutions to each individual customer's installation challenges.

"This is really about an open and collaborative environment," said Chopper, "and the end result is a more effective design, a quicker and much smoother installation, with no surprises at the time of regulatory review. The project is completed in a much shorter time frame."

About Filamatic
Filamatic is a division of National Instrument, LLC. Since 1950 they have been providing liquid filling and integrated packaging machinery systems to the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, cosmetic, chemical specialty and food industries.
For more information please contact Filamatic at. 1.866.258.1914. Visit us on the web at www.filamatic.com.

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