Explosion-Proof LED Light is resistant to corrosive environments.

Press Release Summary:

Producing 5,000 lm while consuming 56 W, corrosion-resistant HALP-48-2L-LED-G2 is constructed with glass fiber-reinforced polyester housing, poured-in cover gasket, stainless steel cover latches, and impact-resistant acrylic diffuser. Lamps have 50,000+ hr operational life and can be removed and replaced. Resistance to damage from vibration and impacts, fixture is approved for Class 1 Division 2, Groups A/B/C/D hazardous locations and also carries UL 1598A Marine Type approval.

Original Press Release:

Larson Electronics Releases Corrosive Environment Resistant Explosion Proof LED Light

Larson Electronics has announced today the release of a high output explosion proof LED light fixture designed to resist the damaging effects of wet and corrosive locations. The HALP-48-2L-LED-G2 Corrosion Resistant LED Light offers improved light output combined with a corrosion resistant design for use in hazardous locations where damage from water and corrosive marine environments is an issue.

The HALP-48-2L-LED-G2 corrosion resistant LED light from LarsonElectronics.com is designed specifically for use in hazardous locations where corrosion and wetness is a constant issue. This high output LED fixture is constructed of non corrosive materials including a glass fiber reinforced polyester housing, poured in cover gasket, stainless steel cover latches, and impact resistant acrylic diffuser, providing excellent protection against the damaging effects of salt water environments. Larson Electronics has also upgraded these fixtures with their second generation LED tubes, giving these lights improved effectiveness with over 5,000 lumens of light produced from 56 watts of power use. These second generation LED tubes also provide 50,000+ hours of operational life and very good resistance to damage from vibration and impacts, making them well suited to industrial operations where machinery and equipment is run on a continual basis. The HALP-48-2L-LED-G2 is also an easily serviced unit. Unlike other LED fixtures designed to replace fluorescent units, the lamps in these fixtures can be easily removed and replaced. Fixtures with integrated LED lights require that the entire assembly be replaced when the unit reaches the end of its operational life. This LED light allows operators to replace the lamps only, reducing maintenance costs and allowing upgrades to more powerful and efficient lamps as LED technology progresses. These explosion proof lights are approved for Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D hazardous locations and UL 1598A Marine Type approved as well. They can operate with voltages of 120 VAC to 277 VAC and are available in 12/24 VDC configurations for use with low voltages. The HALP-48-2L-LED-G2 explosion proof LED light is ideal for use in petrochemical processing applications and offshore platform operations where hazardous gases and vapors may be encountered and provide a highly durable lighting solution that can stand up to the rigors of the marine environment.

“The HALP-48-2L-LED-G2 Class 1 Division 2 LED light is a low cost, corrosion proof LED luminaire that is ideal for low vibration environments,” said Rob Bresnahan with LarsonElectronics.com.  “As more and more customers are learning every day, we keep high inventory levels and ship orders within days and often times, the same day.  With higher efficiency, more lumens, and shorter lead times than most suppliers, there is nothing to cry about.”

Larson Electronics produces a full range of explosion proof and hazardous location lighting equipment, LED work lights, portable LED lights, LED light towers, and LED boat lights. To view the entire Larson Electronics line of industrial grade lighting solutions, visit them on the web at Larsonelectronics.com. You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more about all of Larson Electronics’ lighting products or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquires.

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