Explosion-Proof Immersion Separator increases workplace safety.

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Model NA 250 Immersion Separator collects explosive or glowing media particles entering vacuum and immediately mixes them in turbulent liquid bath. Particles may contain ignition source such as aluminum, magnesium, zirconium, or titanium. Moving air and liquid are then forced onto materials, submerging and neutralizing them. Featuring heavy duty stainless steel construction, unit has access door and angled false bottom that eases material removal and clean up.

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Ruwac Introduces Explosion Proof Immersion Separator

Holyoke, MA - Ruwac USA is pleased to announce the latest addition in its line of separation systems, the NA 250 Immersion Separator. This specialized separator is a necessity for work environments using explosive, impact sensitive or glowing materials that may contain an ignition source including but not limited to aluminum, magnesium, zirconium and titanium. Not only does it eliminate the risk of an explosion, but it keeps your workspace clean.

Using 30 years of proven performance technology, the NA 250 Immersion Separator collects explosive or glowing media particles entering the vacuum and immediately mixes them in a turbulent liquid bath. From there, moving air and liquid are rapidly forced onto the materials, submerging and neutralizing them in the process. This process stops already contained materials from finding any ignition source that may be introduced into the vacuum, guaranteeing a safe, explosion-proof work environment.

The NA 250 Immersion Separator includes an array of features such as a heavy duty stainless steel construction, full access door and an angled false bottom that makes removal and clean-up hassle-free. Additional options such as an Extender Unit for additional hydrophobic filtration and a pressurized Stilling Chamber for accurate water level measurement are also available.

Ruwac USA is a leading manufacturer of portable, central and specialty industrial vacuum systems. Made in the USA, Ruwac's industrial vacuums are known for their reliability, innovative design and superb filtration. For more information on Ruwac's product lines, visit www.ruwac.com. You can also contact Ruwac by telephone at (413) 532-4030 or via e-mail, info@ruwac.com.

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