Explosion-Proof Electric-Powered Fans for Ventilating, Cooling and Exhausting in Hazardous Environments

CS Unitec offers a line of intrinsically safe, electric-powered explosion-proof Axial Fans for ventilating, exhausting and cooling. The electric fans are ATEX certified Ex II 2 GcT3 to be explosion proof. Safe for use in Ex Zones and environments where explosion hazards are present, these fans are ideal for applications such as ship holds, shipyards, refineries, petrochemical plants, oil platforms, underground mining, power plants, tunneling, construction and more.

Labeled with the ATEX safety classification, CS Unitec's electric-powered fans can eliminate time and manpower lost in obtaining "hot zone work permits" required for other blowers and ventilators. The ATEX symbol is an internationally recognized safety standard and provides assurance to the user that the product was manufactured to a high level of safety.

CS Unitec's electric fans are 12" diameter and have an output of 2118 cfm. They weigh 45 lbs. and are easily transported. A protective grille on the intake side is standard. Optional accessories include flanges for mounting to butterworth holes, manways and pipes for suction or discharge. Other accessories include hoses, protective grilles, grounding cable, couplings, ducting and more.

For more information on these electric Axial Fans, as well as CS Unitec's full line of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric power tools, please call 203-853-9522 / 1-800-700-5919, email info@csunitec.com or visit www.csunitec.com.

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