Exploring the Diverse Applications of the Cubitainer®

The Cubitainer® is utilized in a variety of diverse industries and applications. We'd like to walk you through some of those now.

Asian Restaurant Market – The Cubitainer® is used by many Asian restaurants to store soy sauce and sake (in separate cubes of course). Often times the bottles on the tables are filled and refilled from these Cubitainers. What makes the Cubitainer® such a great fit for the food and beverage industry is the fact that we can provide the proper barriers so that there's no flavor loss or oxygen permeation.

Blood Analysis – The Cubitainer® is U.N. Rated for Shipment of Hazardous Materials. We can custom shape it to fit inside of a blood analysis machine, the type of thing you would find in a lab or hospital. The Cubitainer® excels in this application not just because it's customizable, but because it differs significantly from a box or a bag, offering the best of both worlds. The bladder itself is flexible, allowing it to expand as it fills. The corrugated box it sits in gives it stability for stacking and shipping.

Digital Ink – The Cubitainer® is great for storing ink in very large printers. You know the ink cartridges in your printer? Think of the Cubitainer® as a bigger version of one of those. A large printer may hold 6 cubes, each with a 5 liter volume and each containing a different ink color.

Sanitation and Janitorial (SanJan) – The Cubitainer® is often times used to store institutional cleaning products. The cubes are typically used in places like schools, hospitals and nursing homes. Much like with the soy sauce and sake bottles, these institutions will store their chemicals in bulk in the Cubitainer®, and refill their individual dispensing vessels, such as spray bottles, from there.

Humanitarian Aid – The Cubitainer® is often times utilized in disaster relief efforts. The cubes are purchased by government and humanitarian organizations for use in places where disaster has struck and residents need fresh water. Because of the Cubitainer's collapsible design, many can be stacked and shipped over in a single trip. Upon arrival residents use them to store fresh water from the water trucks that are part of the relief efforts. The Cubitainer® is particularly well suited for these applications because of the Cubitainer® Process, the means by which the Cubitainer® is made. When plastic is blow molded, air is blown into the plastic material, which can often times create a less than sterile environment. During the Cubitainer® Process however, the Cubitainer® is completely sealed and subjected to very high temperatures. Any bacteria or contaminants present are killed, and no more are let in.

The Cubitainer® is meant to be the final word in packaging solutions, so there are more applications than we have room to list here. Give us a call at 800-638-1012 and find out how the Cubitainer® can become the perfect solution for your packaging challenge.

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