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Romaco will be at this year's ACHEMA with several innovative solutions for blister and strip packaging, liquid filling and cartoning, vacuum processing and wet grinding.

Noack 960R blister line

The new, servo-controlled QuickTransfer system connects the Noack 960R blister machine to the Promatic PC 4250 continuous horizontal cartoner to form a single, integrated line. As a result, the robotic transfer station now conveys each individual blister even more securely from the die dutting unit directly to the cartoner. The proven QuickFeed, QuickAdjust, QuickAdmin and QuickClean systems further enhance the overall operating efficiency of the production processes. Quick product changes, short cleaning times and increased line availability are the hallmarks of the blister line. Due to the roller sealing principle, the Noack 960R can achieve a maximum output of 600 blisters a minute.

Macofar LF 200 liquid filling line

For the first time, Romaco will show its new Macofar LF product range for filling pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic liquids into bottles. The Macofar LF boasts a maximum output of 12,000 bottles an hour, depending on the filling volume and product type. Various dosing systems and closure mechanisms assure versatile and highly customized processes. This compact filling line, incorporating the Promatic P 91 intermittent motion cartoner, is fully servo-controlled. The ergonomic machine design complies with all relevant cGMP requirements and is amazingly simple to convert and clean.

Siebler HM 1/230 heat-sealing machine

The Siebler HM 1/230 vertical heat-sealing machine integrates extremely easily into a line thanks to the innovative FlexTrans and FixTrans transfer stations. The system is used to pack solid dose products and capsules and has compelling benefits for the contract packaging sector. Format changes are fast and very straightforward because the sealing tools have removable shells and the new touch screen has been upgraded with audit trail and batch management functionality. This versatile Siebler technology can be supplied in four different versions: Eco, Vertical, Horizontal and Extended.

FrymaKoruma Frymix II Lab vacuum processing unit

With its enclosed design, the FrymaKoruma Frymix II vacuum processing unit is the system of choice for manufacturers of high-quality pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The machine complies with all cGMP/GAMP specifications for sterile suspensions and emulsions. The products are processed according to the rotor-rotor principle by a powerful homogenizer, which was explicitly developed for temperature and shearsensitive formulations. The efficient deaeration, continuous heat exchange and removal of all external piping guarantee absolutely reliable processes and superior product quality.

FrymaKoruma Dinex vacuum processing unit

Featuring a new homogenizer generation, the FrymaKoruma Dinex vacuum processing unit facilitates optimal processing times, droplet distribution and product quality. The improved tool geometry enables the product processing time in the homogenizer to be extended and increases the overall efficiency of the system. The optimized energy input is a particular advantage for shear-sensitive products. The tiny droplet sizes achieved with this system enhances the very high quality of the creams, ointments, lotions and dispersions being manufactured.

FrymaKoruma MZ toothed colloid mill

The toothed colloid mills in the FrymaKoruma MZ series assure each product is always milled to the correct size. The technology is suited for wet grinding pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical applications of almost any viscosity. Users can choose between coarse, standard or cross-toothed tools depending on the product type. The milling gap can be individually adjusted. MZ mills redefine the benchmarks for hygiene management and product safety owing to the systematic elimination of dead spaces from the milling interior and the integration of CIP (Cleaning in Place) and SIP (Sterilization in Place).

FrymaKoruma CoBall® annular gap bead mill

The FrymaKoruma CoBall® annular gap bead mill is an inline milling system for suspensions and high-viscosity products. Superfine grinding of active pharmaceutical ingredients, water based inks or lipstick masses require an innovative system design with a controlled product flow. The unusually narrow milling gap permits particle sizes on the nanoscale. Progressive pulverization with a continuously increasing shear force is possible because the mill incorporates several different grinding beads. The extra-large heat exchange surfaces additionally protect both the product and the machine. The Romaco technology will be on show at the ACHEMA exhibition in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from June 18 to 22, 2012 (Hall 3, Booth B49).

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