Experience Unmatched Printing Knowledge and Future Technology Capability with DEK at APEX 2014

Within DEK booth #1062 at next month's APEX (www.ipcapexexpo.org) event in Las Vegas, Nevada, visitors can tap into a knowledge base that spans nearly 50 years of printing technology innovation.  As the market's premiere materials deposition experts, the DEK team are uniquely qualified to help electronics manufacturing specialists develop customized printing solutions tailored to individual production requirements. 

DEK's Total Solutions approach will be illustrated at APEX throughout a series of integrated and interactive displays within the printing leader's exhibit.  Three DEK Horizon iX print platforms -- incorporating advanced technologies, VectorGuard High Tension stencils and exceptional quality understencil fabric and cleaning chemistries -- will host process demonstrations for today's most demanding applications.  

In the center of the exhibit, a Horizon 01iX printer is dedicated to automotive-specific requirements and technologies such as HawkEye 1700 inspection, ProDEK closed loop technology and Verification & Traceability.  A second system, a Horizon 03iX, leverages ProActiv transfer efficiency technology, Stinger automatic dispensing and Grid-Lok board support in a powerhouse platform capable of delivering exceptionally high yields and throughput. The third featured platform, a Horizon 03iX, will showcase manufacturing flexibility enabled by semi-automatic stencil loading, HawkEye 1700 with bridging detection and paste replenishment control managed by the Universal Paste Roll Height Monitor.   Elsewhere on the show floor on-board a fourth Horizon iX system, DEK's award-winning ProDEK closed loop technology pairs with CyberOptics' SPI at booth #240 for a powerful demonstration on automatic offset and cleaning cycle adjustment that limits operator intervention and provides exceptional process control.

"While the capability of the platform is critically important, an effective printing process isn't only about the printer," notes DEK Global Marketing Director, Karen Moore-Watts.  "Well-formulated chemistries, high integrity understencil fabrics, superbly tensioned stencils and knowledge that only comes from close to a half-century of printing innovation and experience are all essential elements of a robust print. DEK consistently unites all of these components and looks forward to showcasing our holistic approach at APEX." 

DEK's history as a printing leader is well-known, and the company's vision for the future of printing technology is what drives its innovation roadmap.  DEK's Print Lab 2020 Vision is a comprehensive view into what the market should be prepared to manufacture in the coming months and years.  At APEX, the DEK Future Technologies team will share its Print Lab 2020 Vision through one-on-one discussions guided by an interactive presentation that delves into the challenges and solutions for future heterogeneous – highly miniaturized devices alongside standard components – assemblies.

DEK's expertise and research results will also be shared outside of its exhibit as part of the APEX conference.  Aligning with the automotive-specific Horizon 01iX on display, Clive Ashmore, DEK Senior Process Development Specialist, is presenting a paper entitled "An Investigation into Printing Miniaturized Devices for the Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing Sectors" on March 25th from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in the Islander G Room at Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  Conference participants are encouraged to attend and to also visit the DEK booth for a deeper discussion about the research outcomes. 

To learn more about DEK's APEX presence or to schedule an appointment, please send an e-mail to bsmith@dek.com

About DEK

DEK is a global provider of advanced materials deposition technologies and support solutions including printing equipment platforms, stencils, precision screens and mass imaging processes used across a wide range of applications in electronics pre-placement subassembly, semiconductor wafer manufacture, and alternative energy component production. For more information, visit DEK at www.dek.com.

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