Expansion System provides up to 19 extra PCIe slots.

Press Release Summary:

MAX Express PCIe expansion system consists of 4U chassis, 20-slot backplane, and Expansion Link Board (ELB). Complying with PICMG 1.3 R1.0 SHB host slot specifications, ELB plugs into host slot on 20-slot backplane and provides interface between x4 PCIe cable and PCIe slots on backplane. ELB is downstream cable link board and primary fan-out switch to support multiple configurations of PCI, PCI-X, or PCIe expansion slots.

Original Press Release:

One Stop Systems Introduces the MAX Express PCIe Expansion System

Expansion sub-system providing extra PCIe slots
4U rack mount chassis
20-slot backplane with 19 available PCIe slots
Expansion Link Board connects sub-system to x4 PCIe over cable

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, San Francisco, August 23, 2005 - One Stop Systems announces the release of the PCIe expansion system, which consists of a 4U chassis, 20-slot backplane and an Expansion Link Board (ELB). The MAX Express ELB plugs into the host slot on the 20-slot backplane and provides the interface between a x4 PCIe cable and the PCIe slots on the backplane. The ELB is the first expansion controller to comply with PICMG 1.3 R1.0 SHB host slot specifications.

The ELB is the downstream cable link board and primary fan-out switch to support multiple configurations of PCI, PCI-X or PCIe expansion slots. When implemented with One Stop Systems' Host Interface Board and PCIe cables, the ELB is used to achieve a driverless, standards-based expansion system with up to 100 add-in boards.

"PCIe is being adopted by OEM customers in imaging, broadcasting, multiple display video and entertainment markets where high-bandwidth to numerous I/O boards is required. One Stop Systems' MAXe expansion products expand the bus of any PCIe system to include multiple chassis, making it the ideal solution for these applications," said Steve Cooper, President of One Stop Systems.

The ELB begins at $598 in OEM quantities and is available immediately. The 20-slot backplane is priced at $1,395 in OEM quantities and is available immediately. The 4U chassis is priced at $1,909 in OEM quantities and is available immediately. OSS offers complete expansion solutions including upstream host interface boards and downstream expansion systems.

About the MAX Express Expansion System

The MAXe cabled bus expansion system is the first PCIe x4 over cable system designed to extend the PCIe bus of a host system to additional PCIe, PCI, PCI-X, PXI or CompactPCI expansion slots. The host interface board provides a cable extension to One Stop Systems' 1U PCIe switch or expansion chassis.

See a Demo of MAX Express!

Visit our booth at the Intel Developer Forum to see a demonstration of MAX Express Cable Expansion and our new 1U PCIe Switch.

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems designs and manufactures a broad selection of standard, custom, and semi-custom computing systems and components for converged communications, industrial control and military applications. These include CompactPCI, PCIe, PCI/ISA and VME-based architectures. We are an Intel Product Dealer and a General Member of the Intel Communications Alliance. We offer responsive service, the highest quality design and manufacturing, and on-time delivery.

In addition, One Stop Systems' easy-to-navigate product catalog at www.onestopsystems.com offers a broad selection of industrial-grade computing systems and components. For more information, contact our sales department toll free at (877) GET-CPCI or visit our web site at www.onestopsystems.com.

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