Expansion Joints offer watertight seal.

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Single-piece 90° UNIVERSAL-90 Expansion Joints are designed to be installed in corners, risers, parapets, curbs, and other locations where vertical or horizontal transitions and joins may occur. Coated on top and bottom, they can be rotated to be either inside or outside corner as well as upturn or downturn transition. Units are also available as 90° terminations, each piece manufactured with one end precut at 45°, coated and sealed.

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EMSEAL's New UNIVERSAL-90 Expansion Joints Offer Easier Installation and Guaranteed Seal Throughout Transitions and at Terminations

Factory-Fabricated Single-Piece 90-Degree Units Maintain Watertightness Throughout Changes in Plane and Direction

WESTBOROUGH, MA - EMSEAL, the leading manufacturer of premium sealants, expansion joints and gasket products, has expanded its line of precompressed coated foam sealants with the addition of patent-pending Universal-90 transitions and terminations.

In all EMSEAL expansion joint systems continuity of seal through changes in plane and direction is an essential performance differentiator. To maintain this advantage, Universal-90 transitions are factory-fabricated single-piece 90-degree units which are designed to be installed in corners, risers, parapets, curbs and other locations where vertical or horizontal transitions and joins may occur. Because they are coated on both top and bottom they can be rotated to be either an inside or outside corner as well as an upturn or downturn transition. One single design meets all of these directional requirements.

EMSEAL's Universal-90's are also available as factory-fabricated 90-degree terminations. Each piece is manufactured with one end pre-cut at 45-degrees, coated and sealed. This allows the termination to function as a stand-alone upturn or provides a surface against which a wall joint system can be married. When flipped over, the Universal-90 termination unit can alternatively be installed as a downturn termination where a joint runs off the deck. In this use, the sealed, mitered end provides a drip edge for drainage of water off the joint.

"Designers and installers have long known that transitions and terminations present a number of challenges in any expansion joint system," comments EMSEAL President and CEO, Lester Hensley. "To address these problems we set out to create a simple and effective solution. The result is our Universal-90 which handles the change in plane and direction while maintaining the integrity of the waterseal or fireseal."

Every EMSEAL coated, impregnated precompressed foam sealant system now offers Universal-90 units. Each is ideal for new or retrofit use in construction and infrastructure applications because it maintains the same performance characteristics of its related product

"We realized that the installer in the field was spending a lot of time cutting and mitering angles which could then turn out to be the weakest point of a waterproofing system," adds EMSEAL Vice President, Dan O'Hayer. "Because our Universal-90's are fabricated in our factory, they eliminate alterations at the job site which helps to reduce the time needed for installation while ensuring that corners remain watertight."

For more information about EMSEAL's patent-pending UNIVERSAL 90's , please visit www.emseal.com or contact EMSEAL at: techinfo@emseal.com.


EMSEAL is the leading manufacturer of premium sealants and expansion joint systems for the commercial construction industry as well as for numerous gasketing applications in specialty market applications. The company has operated out of locations in the United States and Canada for thirty years. For more information call 508-836-0280 or Toll Free in North America 800-526-8365 or visit the EMSEAL corporate website: www.emseal.com.

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