Expansion Joint Sealant is chemical-resistant and watertight.

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CHEMSEAL+5 is pre-compressed, primary seal for expansion and construction joints where contact with chemicals and chemical dilutions is expected. It is composed of nonstaining, microsphere-modified-acrylic-impregnated foam backing, which is precoated with chemical-resistant polysulfide sealant. Able to resist water pressure of up to 5 ft without product deflection or leakage, sealant is suited for submerged or intermittent-contact applications.

Original Press Release:

Chemical-Resistant Watertight Expansion Joint Now Available from EMSEAL Joint Systems, Ltd.

EMSEAL introduces CHEMSEAL as a primary seal for expansion joints in submerged or intermittent exposure applications in contact with chemicals and chemical dilutions.

WESTBOROUGH, MA - EMSEAL, the leading manufacturer of preformed sealants and structural expansion joints announces the development and release of its CHEMSEAL expansion joint sealant. CHEMSEAL is a chemical-resistant, precompressed, primary seal for expansion joints and construction joints where contact with chemicals and chemical dilutions is expected.

CHEMSEAL is constructed of a resilient, clean handling, non-staining, microsphere-modified-acrylic-impregnated foam which remains flexible at low temperature and stable at high-temperature. This foam backing is factory pre-coated with a chemical-resistant polysulfide sealant which forms a watertight bellows at the side exposed to liquid and chemical contact. Installed into field-applied epoxy and finished with an injected sealant band of EMSEAL-supplied polysulfide liquid sealant, CHEMSEAL offers the benefit of non-invasive anchoring which allows for greater ease of installation.

CHEMSEAL+5 is the first product release in an expanding line of CHEMSEAL products from EMSEAL. In prolonged submerged applications it has been successfully tested to continuously resist water pressure of up to 5-ft without product deflection or leakage. CHEMSEAL variations, engineered for applications involving head-pressures greater than 5-ft, are also available--consult EMSEAL.

The ability of CHEMSEAL to work in submerged or intermittent-contact applications make it an ideal sealant system in new or retrofit construction in infrastructure applications including waste water treatment facilities, secondary containment, chlorinated water environments, pools, fountains and water parks.

"CHEMSEAL's ability to form a seal while offering resistance to chemicals makes it an ideal solution in a broad number of industrial, infrastructure, public works and recreational applications," stated EMSEAL President and CEO, Lester Hensley. "By taking advantage of the chemical resistance of polysulfide liquid sealant while diminishing its weaknesses-namely tensile stresses in the body of the cured sealant as well as at the bondline-we have created a hybrid sealant that is the answer to many structural and other joint sealing challenges in projects today."

For more information about EMSEAL's CHEMSEAL product line, please visit www.emseal.com or contact EMSEAL at: techinfo@emseal.com.


EMSEAL is the leading manufacturer of premium sealants and expansion joint systems for the commercial construction industry as well as for numerous gasketing applications in specialty market applications. The company has operated out of locations in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada and the Northeast United States for thirty years. For more information call 508-836-0280 or Toll Free in North America 800-526-8365 or visit the EMSEAL corporate website: www.emseal.com.

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