Excess Flow Valve ensures safety for natural gas users.

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Safety+PLUS® Excess Flow Valve incorporates magnet-based mechanism that forces seal firmly against seat, restricting gas flow to safe level in case of hazardous gas line rupture or disconnection. Valve only shuts down affected appliance and automatically resets upon resolution of hazard. Magnetic technology ensures no wearable parts, and polymer-based coating ProCoat® provides resistance to harsh chemicals, salt, and UV damage.

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BrassCraft Patent Brings New Era of Safety to Natural Gas Use

NOVI, MI - The latest patent from BrassCraft promises to usher in a new standard of safety for natural gas with the introduction of the Safety+PLUS® Excess Flow Valve. With more than 65 million homes in the United States alone utilizing natural gas for their water heaters, furnaces, boilers, heaters and other applications, the patented Safety+PLUS Excess Flow Valve from BrassCraft will be a welcome safety tool to any building where people work and live. A massive engineering effort gives this little valve big respect for safety. In the event of a hazardous gas line rupture or disconnect, the Safety+PLUS Valve immediately goes into action. A patented magnet-based mechanism inside Safety+PLUS forces a seal firmly against the seat, restricting the gas flow to a safe level until appropriate repairs can be made safely and efficiently. The valve only shuts down the affected appliance and automatically resets upon resolution of the hazard. The Safety+PLUS Valve stands above outdated and conventional valves that rely on spring-actuated devices in the event of an emergency. Spring-actuated valves can wear, misalign or break due to metal fatigue and corrosion. The maintenance-free magnetic technology at work in the Safety+PLUS Valve has no wearable parts and remains as easy to install as a standard gas fitting. The magnetic technology is joined by a powerful ally in another patented innovation from BrassCraft: the polymer-based coating ProCoat®. ProCoat provides unmatched resistance to harsh chemicals often found in household cleaners and repair products that may cause leaks in uncoated connectors. The coating provides protection in both indoor and outdoor applications, offering an excellent defense against salt and UV damage. Debra Lewis is the Product Manager of Gas Products for BrassCraft "We feel that BrassCraft stands apart in our dedication to safety. Protecting all of our gas connectors with ProCoat is a prime example of this commitment. Offering our customers anything less is unacceptable," Lewis says. About BrassCraft: BrassCraft, a Masco Company, is a leading manufacturer of water supplies and other plumbing products for the wholesale and retail markets. The company's promise to these markets, "Committed to Quality, Driven by Innovation" is reflected in the thousands of high-reputation plumbing products that are sold under the BrassCraft and PlumbShop brands. Founded in 1946, BrassCraft is an international corporation headquartered in Novi, Michigan with manufacturing and distribution facilities around the globe.

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