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Used for construction, DX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3 are powered by 6-cylinder 389 hp, water-cooled, diesel engine optimized for use with cooled exhaust gas recirculation system, diesel oxidation catalyst, and diesel particulate filter. Excavators offer 4 work modes – Digging, Breaker, Shear, and Lifting – and feature Intelligent Floating Boom option and cooling system with 2 variable-speed hydraulic fans. Respective operating weights for DX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3 are 112,502 and 119,212 lb.

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Doosan DX490LC and DX530 Excavators Feature More Power, Performance and Comfort

WEST FARGO, N.D.—The DoosanDX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3 excavatorsare equipped with significant upgrades that provide power and performance in road building, site development, oil and gas pipeline development and other construction applications. These machines, which replace the DX480 and DX520 respectively, have been designed with improvements that include increased engine horsepower and lift capacity, improved bucket digging force, enhanced cooling capabilities and better fuel efficiency.

The DX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3 excavators are powered by a 6-cylinder 389 horsepower water-cooled diesel engine that has been optimized for use with a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) system, a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Engines with this configuration are optimized to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOX) and after-treatment is needed to reduce particulate matter in compliance with iT4 emission regulations. The turbocharged engine features a high-pressure common-rail design with direct fuel injection, electronic control and four valves per cylinder.


Swing torque increased by approximately 21 percent, which allows the excavator to swing uphill more easily, as well as improves the ability to backfill trenches. This leads to decreased time per foot of trench, improving productivity. Bucket digging force has increased approximately 3 percent, which provides more power in harsh digging conditions, leading to decreased cycle times and improved production in trenching applications.

Lifting capacity increased by approximately 2 percent for both the DX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3, providing improved power out of the trench. This improvement also improvesthe machines’ ability to lift and place more material with each cycle. Total machine front speed has improved, enabling more work to be completed faster, increased cycle times, faster truck loading time and more material moved per hour.

A variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) is utilized to increase boost pressure at lower engine rpm.Controlled by the ECU, the VGT varies the amount of boost supplied to the engine to optimize combustion over the entire rpm range.The VGT also allows the engine to generate a greater amount of torque in a wider band in the rpm range, increasing engine performance at lower engine rpm.This improves machine performance in the Standard and Economy power modes while saving fuel. 

The Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS) provides optimum power and fuel efficiency via four work modes, auto-idle and machine diagnostics. Operators can work more effectively with multiple operating modes, easy-to-read display monitors and precise control levers. The new Power+ mode provides improved performance and faster workgroup speeds for heavy-duty work. Four work modes — Digging, Breaker, Shear and the new Lifting mode — help operators to get maximum efficiency and fuel economy in specific applications.

Cooling system upgrades include two variable-speed hydraulic fans. With this upgrade, operators control the engine coolant and hydraulic oil cooling systems independently, improving fuel efficiency and providing a quieter operator environment. The new cooling system on average has a 10 to 15 percent greater cooling capacity.The engine coolantfan can be manually reversed with a switch from inside the cabin to easily and quickly clean out the radiator.


The DX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3 feature a new Intelligent Floating Boom option that allows the boom of the excavator to “float” up or down, enabling the operator to focus more on the task while decreasing the machine workload and increasing efficiency. Float mode is designed to permit the boom to move freely up and down without hydraulic flow; and in breaker mode the boom is ableto move freely down only,without hydraulic flow. A temporary reset button allows the ability to momentarily disengage the floatmode, enabling hydraulic flow to activate the boom. Also offered is an air compressor, which is ideal for operators in remote and dusty locations to clean the cab.


Doosan continues to focus on operator comfort with further enhancements to the cabin. Both a seat height lever and tilting function for the seat cushion were added to the seat to assist the operator in finding an optimum seating position. The cabin mounting mechanism has been improved with a thickened dampening plate, and internal coil spring has been added to reduce cabin vibration 20 percent, allowing operators to work longer days with less fatigue.

The door window position slider now locks in various positions, preventing it from moving from its intended location. The door space of the cab has increased by 1.8 inches, allowing the operator to get in and out more easily. The cabin size has increased 6.1 percent, providing more headroom. The joystick angle has been reduced from 25 degrees to 19 degrees to provide a more ergonomic profile and decrease interference with operators’ legs.

The Doosan DX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3 — like every new Doosan machine — are covered by an innovative 48 hour parts guarantee. The program guarantees that if a “machine-debilitating” part is needed, Doosan will deliver it directly to the end user within two business days or Doosan will pay for a replacement machine rental. The 48 Hour Parts Guarantee is subject to carrier delivery restrictions and/or governmental agency delays.


Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment America, headquartered in West Fargo, N.D., markets the Doosan brand of products which includes large excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks. With more than 160 heavy equipment dealer locations in North America, Doosan is known for an unmatched dedication to service and customer uptime, and durable, reliable products. Doosan is fast becoming a global force in heavy construction equipment. For more information on Doosan products, visit www.doosanequipment.com.

QuickLook: Doosan DX490LC-3 excavator

• Horsepower: 389 hp

• Operating weight: 112,502 lb.

• Max. dig reach: 38 ft. 11 in.

• Max. dig depth: 25 ft. 7 in.

• Max. dump height: 25 ft. 10 in.

• Bucket digging force: 59,966lb.

• Arm digging force: 48,722 lbf.

QuickLook: Doosan DX530LC-3 excavator

• Horsepower: 389 hp

• Operating weight: 119,212 lb.

• Max. dig reach: 37 ft. 7 in.

• Max. dig depth: 24 ft. 1 in.

• Max. dump height: 25 ft. 4 in.

• Bucket digging force: 59,966lb.

• Arm digging force: 55,336 lbf.


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