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Exact Flow Offers Turbine Flow Meters for Formula One Racing

Dual-rotor turbine meter technology will help race teams cope with refueling ban for 2010 season

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Exact Flow, a supplier of precision flow measurement instrumentation for the world's most demanding applications, has announced it will offer dual-rotor turbine flow meter technology for use on Formula One race cars. Chosen for their repeatability of ±0.02 percent, dual-rotor turbine flow meters are small, lightweight and rugged, and do not require straight fuel line sections for flow conditioning. These turbine meters will help race teams cope with a Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA) rule change prohibiting mid-race refueling, which will be imposed beginning with the 2010 season.

Formula One teams will have to dramatically rethink existing car designs and racing strategies in order to cater to the new refueling regulation. According to FIA, refueling during a race will be forbidden in order to save the cost of transporting refueling equipment and increase the incentive for engine builders to improve fuel economy.

Refueling during Formula One races first took place in 1982 when the Brabham team, run by Bernie Ecclestone, calculated that a quicker race time could be achieved when starting a car with only half a tank of fuel.

Exact Flow Application Engineer, Regan Morrison, commented, "We provide advanced dual-rotor turbine flow meters, which can be custom designed for installation onboard Formula One race cars to measure engine fuel consumption. Our dual-rotor meter technology is the most precise liquid flow measurement solution available today and will help our customers achieve an advantage in the highly competitive Formula One racing series."

The advanced Exact Flow dual-rotor design provides extended performance not obtainable with traditional single-rotor turbine meters. This design enhances Universal Viscosity Curves (UVCs) and extends the usable flow measurement range. The meters offer other significant benefits such as bearing diagnostics, exceptional precision, long-life ceramic bearings and high-shock internals.

Additional advantages are found in the use of helical rotors for both dual- and single-rotor turbine flow meters, which optimize energy transfer over the entire surface of the blade, enhancing speed-of-response to step changes in flow rate. Helical rotors also produce less pressure drop across the meter, as compared with the traditional flat-bladed rotor design. This reduction, translated into force, reduces bearing wear, allowing the meter to maintain its original calibration over a longer period of time.

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About Exact Flow
Exact Flow, based in Scottsdale, Ariz. USA, is the only supplier of innovative dual-rotor turbine flow meter technology, delivering unique designs to meet the application requirements of the aerospace, industrial, automotive and OEM markets. Exact Flow's primary focus is to enhance customer value by specializing in advanced embedded electronics, multiple process variable measurements and unique packaging, which minimizes the need for additional sensors and installation expense. Learn more at

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