EW Threat Classification System features automatic operation.

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Delivering immediate situation awareness to dismounted operator, PREFIX automatically classifies electronic signals to detect threats and direction find (DF) in real-time. This wideband electronic warfare (EW) survey system, integrated into RESOLVE manpack, lets operator prioritize signals of interest and automatically geo-locate and track them on map. CESMO-compatible unit can also contribute and receive data from coalition partners operating in Land, Sea, and Air domains.

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Chemring Technology Solutions Launches World's First Automatic EW Threat Classification System

ROMSEY, England – See PREFIX at Eurosatory, Paris, Hall 5 K 447

Chemring Technology Solutions [http://www.chemringts.com today launches PREFIX, a wideband electronic warfare (EW) survey system which is the first system in the world to automatically classify electronic signals to detect threats and direction find (DF) in real time.

PREFIX delivers immediate situation awareness to the dismounted operator. Integrated into Chemring Technology Solutions' award-winning RESOLVE [http://www.ewsystem.com manpack, PREFIX enables the operator to rapidly interpret the electronic picture, prioritise signals of interest and automatically geo-locate and track on a map.

Threat pictures are developed in real time, automatically classifying signals so that threats are quickly identified, reducing the task burden for operators while allowing them to maintain tactical awareness.

PREFIX provides highly accurate DF in real time across the active 40MHz spectrum and, when networked, will provide geolocation solutions across the communications band. Even low probability of intercept signals, such as frequency hoppers and short duration signals, can be geo-located using the historic position fix data.

A single RESOLVE manpack sensor can be rapidly fitted to a vehicle with PREFIX, enabling highly accurate running-fix geolocation solutions, particularly important in high multipath environments such as complex urban areas. CESMO compatible, PREFIX can contribute and receive data from coalition partners operating in the Land, Sea and Air domains, critical for combined missions.

Gavin O'Connell, Business Sector Manager at Chemring Technology Solutions, said: "PREFIX is another example of how we are focused on delivering ever more flexible EW capabilities. It offers the next step in being able to counter the next generation of threats - as opposed to simply addressing current in-theatre environments. Now integrated into the RESOLVE manpack system, PREFIX delivers complete mission flexibility for both mounted and dismounted operations."

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Chemring Technology Solutions, based in Hampshire and Dorset, is the principal electronics research and development centre of Chemring Group. Comprising of Roke ManorResearch Ltd and Chemring EOD Ltd, Chemring Technology Solutions is one of the UK's leading suppliers of innovative solutions, product development and contract R&D. With more than 400 patents, it has a heritage of pioneering developments in electronic sensors, networks and communications technology. http://www.chemringts.com

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