Evoheat Saves Consumers Money with New Heat Pump Pool Heating Systems

Evoheat, a leading Australian supplier of swimming pool heating systems, is saving consumers' money by providing cutting edge heat pump technology. Offering efficient systems like their exclusive DHP Series heaters, the Brisbane-based company boasts customer savings of over 50% over traditional heating systems like natural gas, and even more on alternative energy sources.

While the initial investment on heat pump systems can be higher than fuel-based systems, the operating costs are significantly less. Fuel-based systems based on propane or natural gas create heat, while a heat pump system simply transfers latent heat from the surrounding air. This makes them extremely efficient. One Kilowatt of electricity can generate in excess of 5 Kilowatts of heat.

Evoheat's commitment to the latest technology goes far beyond their pool heating systems. For example, to determine the correct heating system for a residence, Evoheat technicians use the latest computer modeling technology to figure out the required heat load. They evaluate existing patterns of use and related costs of energy to arrive at a recommendation.

The technical team then presents the homeowner with a complete report showing projected costs and compare estimated future expense against the current method. The report indicates a Return on Investment timeline which shows in detail how quickly a heat pump recoups its investment.

Currently, a popular pool heating systems line among Evoheat customers is the DHP Domestic Pool Heater Series. With an average temperature of 27 degrees, a DHP Series unit can completely heat a pool in two days. After that it will stay at the desired temperature all year long. A pool owner can jump in the water in the middle of the night or take a quick dip mid-winter. The water temperature is the same all the time.

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