Evinrude Big Pull Event Shatters Multiple Guinness World Records in Barefoot Water-Skiing

Sturtevant, Wis. – Evinrude announced today that it has set multiple single-boat water skiing GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™. Using boats powered by two and three 300-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines, the Evinrude sponsored Big Pull team set four certified and pending records in the Ballet, Barefoot, Conventional Couples and Trios lines. 

“Huge storms hit the Rock River basin prior to the planned Big Pull events in Rock Island, Illinois,” said Eric Gran, director, Big Pull. “We almost had to cancel the entire weekend. I give everyone credit for accomplishing anything in the crazy conditions which included fast moving current, high water, thunderstorms and debris coming down the river. We never would’ve been able to accomplish these record-breaking moments without the outstanding power of our Evinrude engines and the support of the brand in organizing our endeavors. We look forward to future events and a long partnership with Evinrude.”

The following record attempts have been certified or are pending by Guinness and the National Show Ski Association:

Ballet Line - Guinness Record Pending 49 skiers bests previous record of 48 
Barefoot Line - Guinness Certified record 38 skiers bests previous record of 32
Conventional Couples Line - National Show Ski Association Record Pending 16 couples bests old record of 15 couples
Trios Line - Guinness Certified record 14 sets bests old record of 12 sets

In addition, at a separate event, the Evinrude sponsored Knotty Girl group of Winter Haven, Florida set a record, pending Guinness certification, for a new category of Swivel Skiing. Guinness typically uses the National Show Ski Association criteria to categorize records. However, in this case, instead of the Association’s standard two simple 180-degree maneuvers, Guinness required a 360-degree move to be accomplished in unison, pulled by a single boat. While the previous national record was set by 19 skiers, the Knotty Girl’s successful attempt at the Supergirl Showdown, included 21 skiers, executing the 360-degree maneuver simultaneously. The Knotty Girl’s feat has been sent to Guinness and the National Show Ski Association for review to be included as a new world and national record.

“The Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines prove time and again that they are capable of producing the speed and power needed to make records like this possible,” said Tracy Crocker, president of the BRP Marine Group. “We are proud to support all of our customers’ adventures, whether fishing, water-skiing or leisure cruising.”

The Big Pull group consists of performers from Evinrude sponsored water-ski show teams. Big Pull has been setting water-ski records since 2006. National and world records have been set for the largest Pyramid, and biggest Ballet, Barefoot, Conventional Couples, Strap Doubles and Trios lines. 

To view video Barefoot Line record run, please use the link below.
YouTube: https://youtu.be/CSBxRC60WW0

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