Everight Precision Holds Exclusive Global Rights to 'Nyce Wave(TM)' Technology Based Linear and Rotary Position Sensing Devices

Set to introduce complete line of economical, high-level output, non-contact
position sensors for the OE and end user markets

Penn Valley, PA, August 28, 2006... Everight Precision Technologies Corporation has gained exclusive global rights to develop, manufacture, and market "Nyce Wave(TM)" inductive technology based linear and rotary position sensing devices, from David Nyce, inventor of the new technology. Having this technology will allow Everight to create particularly economical, high-level proportional (analog) output position sensor devices for high volume commercial and industrial markets.

The Company will develop a complete line of Nyce Wave linear and rotary position sensors over the next two to three years to complement its Positek position sensor line, which is concentrated in the instrument grade, heavy duty, and intrinsically safe macro-position sensor market. Everight Precision is the exclusive North American distributor for Positek, Ltd, the prominent British LVIT/RVIT position sensor developer and manufacturer.

"This is truly a landmark event for Everight Precision and the position sensor industry," said Les Schaevitz, Everight's president. He continued, "With Nyce Wave non-contact inductive technology, we are going to be able to bring an unprecedented level of performance to the highly price sensitive OE and end user high volume position sensor market, especially in fluid power applications." Products employing Nyce Wave technology will be marketed under the Everight Sensor brand name.

Using a single or multi-layer coil, a Nyce Wave based sensor creates shaped electromagnetic fields, which interact with a moving conductive target to create a highly accurate proportional output corresponding to the target's linear or angular position or displacement relative to the coil. For micro-linear sensing down to micron resolution, the target moves perpendicular to the coil, while for angular sensing up to 270 degrees or macro-linear sensing up to 60 inches, the target moves parallel to the coil.

Major advantages of Nyce Wave based sensors include light weight sensor element and target, small overall form factor, insensitivity to objects outside the target area, no error due to contaminants, high resolution, non-contact (infinite life), absolute output, fast response, and economical construction. Nyce Wave's developer, David Nyce, former director of technology at MTS Systems Corporation, Sensors Group, (makers of Temposonics(TM) brand products) is a highly published sensor design engineer who recently authored the definitive text, "Linear Position Sensors: Theory and Application" (Wiley), and will serve as a director of Everight Precision.

For more information about "Nyce Wave" Sensor Technology, please refer to our web site at everightsensors.com/sensors_microlite.html or contact Les Schaevitz at 610-453-3075/ email at lps@everightsensors.com.

About Everight Precision

Everight Precision Technologies Corporation serves automated equipment and component OEMs and large end users requiring specifically designed LVDT, RVDT, LVIT, RVIT, and Nyce WaveTM based sensor devices to provide linear and angular position information to data acquisition and control systems. In addition to serving as the North American distributor for Positek, Ltd., of Great Britain (one of the world's premier designers of linear and rotary variable inductive transducers), the Company acts as a "sensor integrator", bringing together various position sensor technologies with customized mechanical packaging to create position sensor devices for specific OEM applications. For more information on Everight Precision Technologies Corporation, please refer to our web site at www.everightsensors.com

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Jean Carl
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Engineering Contact:
Les Schaevitz
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