Evaluation Kit assesses power generation technology.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to measure power generated by eTEG UPF40 devices, eTEG Thermoelectric Power Generation Evaluation Kit includes thick film heater as heat source, embedded eTEG UPF40 power generator module, heat sink/fan assembly, and thermocouples for temperature measurement. Kit provides full thermal path - from heat source to heat sink - and requires only power supply for heater and volt meter to measure voltage generated by eTEG across load resistor.

Original Press Release:

Nextreme Announces New eTEG Power Generation Evaluation Kit

DURHAM, N.C. (December 18, 2008) - Nextreme Thermal Solutions, the leader in
microscale thermal and power management products for the electronics industry, today
announced the availability of the eTEG Thermoelectric Power Generation Evaluation Kit.
The kit provides customers with an easy to use first evaluation solution for assessment
of Nextreme's power generation technology. The kit eliminates the need for a
sophisticated laboratory set up and requires only modest equipment to measure the
power generated by Nextreme's eTEG UPF40 devices.

Nextreme's thin-film embedded thermoelectric generator (eTEG(TM)) generates electrical
power via the Seebeck effect, where electricity is produced from a temperature
differential applied across the device. The Nextreme advantage is a very thin, nanoengineered material that delivers a Seebeck coefficient greater than conventional
thermoelectric material. The ability of Nextreme's thin-film thermoelectric materials to convert waste heat into electrical energy using a thin, nanoscale form factor positions it uniquely to address market opportunities that standard bulk thermoelectric devices and other energy scavenging or energy reclamation systems cannot address.

The evaluation kit includes a thick film heater as the heat source, an embedded eTEG
UPF40 power generator module, a heat sink/fan assembly and thermocouples for
temperature measurement. The kit provides the full thermal path - from heat source to
heat sink - and requires only a power supply for the heater and a volt meter to measure
the voltage generated by the eTEG across a load resistor; thereby determining the
power output. Customers can easily reproduce and confirm the performance data
provided by Nextreme during this evaluation process.

"Because customers are used to handling much larger devices, the first evaluation of our power generator is often a challenge," said Dave Koester, vice president of engineering for Nextreme. "With the new kit, customers essentially plug it in and start evaluating the technology for their application. The kit facilitates the introduction and evaluation of our technology quickly and easily and lowers the barrier and costs for evaluation."

Nextreme engineers are currently working with customers in a variety of industries and
applications. These include powering gas sensors from waste heat; trickle-charging
batteries in dark places; and improving the fuel efficiency in automobiles.

Nextreme's thin-film thermoelectric products are manufactured in volume with the
Thermal Copper Pillar Bump process, an established electronic packaging approach that
scales well into large arrays. The Thermal Copper Pillar Bump process integrates thinfilm thermoelectric material into the solder bumped interconnects that provide
mechanical and electrical connections for today's high performance/high density
integrated circuits. Unlike conventional solder bumps, thermal bumps function as solidstate heat pumps on a microscale. The stack-up of a thermal bump, including the thinfilm material, solder and electrical traces, is only 100 microns high and has a diameter of 238 microns. The thermal bumping process can be implemented at the package-, die- or wafer-level, and is used today to fabricate Nextreme's discrete modules.

The eTEG Thermoelectric Power Generation Evaluation Kit is available for $295 and
encouraged for first time evaluations. Pricing for individual modules and volume orders
is available upon request.

More information on the TEG Power Generation Evaluation Kit can be found at
www.nextreme.com/power. Contact Nextreme at 3908 Patriot Dr., Suite 140, Durham,
NC 27703-8031; call (919)-597-7300; e-mail info@nextreme.com; or go to

About Nextreme Thermal Solutions(TM), Inc.

Nextreme Thermal Solutions designs and manufactures microscale thermal and power
management products for the electronics, telecommunications, semiconductor,
consumer, and defense/aerospace industries. The company uses breakthrough thin-film
thermoelectric material to embed cooling, temperature control and power generation
capabilities into the widely accepted copper pillar bumping process used in high-volume
electronic packaging. Nextreme's headquarters and manufacturing facility are based
near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

For additional information or to request the electronic image, please email
bgaddy@btbmarketing.com or call 919-872-8172.

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